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Type CMAX Burner

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CMAX Burner
CMAX Burner

Type CMAX - High Capacity Forced Draft Gas/Oil Burner

The Cmax burner offers state-of-the-art technology for maximum combustion efficiency and operating performance when firing all types of light oils and gaseous fuels. Designed specifically for today’s firetube boilers, the Cmax burner utilizes a unique firing head design which provides stable combustion over wide turndown range (10:1 on gas and 8:1 on air atomized oil). Available in multiple sizes (CM9 thru CM14), the burners have a minimum rating of 1,260 MBH and a maximum rating of 92,400 MBH (2200 BHP). Available in a low NOx version utilizing induced flue gas recirculation, the burner provides minimal emissions on gas or oil. The easy access door on the blast tube allows convenient maintenance of the firing head components without disturbing either the fuel piping or electrical connections. The bottom or top-entry gas manifold connection facilitates left or right-hand configurations. Our modular design concept produces added flexibility for a wide range of optional features.

Power Flame Type CMAX Gas/Oil Burner Datasheet
Power Flame Type CMAX Gas/Oil Burner Manual
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