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Commercial and Industrial Boiler Room Solutions Tailored for Every Industry

While all boilers share the core function of heating water, commercial boilers can vary significantly in their optimal applications. At Applied Technologies of NY (ATI of NY), we believe in taking a consultative approach to understand both the intricate details of the boiler systems we offer as well as the unique needs and constraints of our customers’ respective industries. This allows us to make thoughtful recommendations tailored to each client’s specific challenges and requirements. Our goal is not merely to provide boiler products, but to truly satisfy customers by solving their problems with solutions designed around a deep understanding of their individual needs.

Food & Beverage

In the food and beverage industry, steam generated from boilers drives many applications beyond facility heat and hot water, including cooking — via food prep equipment such as ovens, steamers, and fryers — plus sanitizing, processing, and packaging. Because product prices are impacted by fuel costs, ATI of NY will steer you toward solutions delivering efficiency and savings.

Educational Facilities

The boilers at many schools are decades old, and these institutions are often tasked with cutting costs while satisfying state and local mandates for improving energy use. Energy-efficient boilers do more with less — and for less — with easier maintenance and can handle the fluctuating demands of large campuses, processing, and packaging. Because product prices are impacted by fuel costs, ATI of NY will steer you toward solutions delivering efficiency and savings.

Healthcare Institutions

From keeping rooms properly heated to managing sterilization demand, medical facility boilers require efficiency, reliability, and security — with immediate backup power available during emergencies.

Pharmaceutical Firms

Precision is key to the success of a pharmaceutical industry boiler. That’s why we offer high-pressure steam boilers for direct and indirect heating applications including medicinal drying, sterilizing, and purifying.

Multi-Family Residential Buildings

Apartments buildings with many residents present unpredictable demands on hot water. At ATI of NY, we work with property managers to determine how much storage capacity they need, and offer boilers that take up less room than traditional boilers, with the options allowing utilities to be individualized for each tenant.

Hospitality Industry

At ATI of NY, we help hotel managers choose the right boiler type, fuel source, and capacity size, to meet the demands of their guests, from hot water and heat inside their rooms, to laundry facilities, to food service.

Government & Municipalities

Many government and municipality buildings are required to meet environmental standards beyond those in the public sector — and are often subject to tighter budgets and stricter approval processes. That’s why ATI of NY offers solutions that deliver environmental efficiencies, including with alternative fuels, that will satisfy your budget.

Process Manufacturing

The most complicated manufacturing processes often run on steam, which is usually cheaper than the cost of electricity to power large-scale applications. It’s still important, however, to choose a boiler that doesn’t waste the heat it produces, and is reliable enough that your assembly line doesn’t stall at the most inopportune time.

Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Though “commercial” and “industrial” are common ways to describe buildings, their specifications — as well as the kinds of activities being performed inside them — impact the kind of boiler you’ll need. We treat every customer individually and determine your precise requirements, from how much steam the facility currently uses to humidity and temperature changes you encounter throughout the year, before we design your unique solution.

Breweries & Distilleries

Beer lovers will assume the most important ingredient in their favorite brew is hops, but it’s actually steam, which is a vital part of boiling, sanitization, sterilization, and pasteurization. And because most breweries are not the size of, say, a brand known for being pulled by Clydesdales, we can suggest boilers that fit your room requirements without sacrificing performance.

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ATI of NY serves and collaborates with each touchpoint to ensure seamless design and function, from project conception through the life of your equipment.

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