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agenitor Combined Heat & Power System

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agenitor 80 - 450 kW - Evolution in Efficiency

The agenitor by 2G results from intensive work by the 2G research and development team. Improving combustion chamber geometry has made it possible to increase the efficiency of the agenitor significantly.

  • Highly efficient power plant with an optimized gas engine – and therefore lower fuel costs
  • Modular design facilitates installation in hard-to-reach places
  • Very reliable even in regular start-stop operation thanks to highly wear-resistant engine components
  • Resilient and low-maintenance
  • Available as a twin pack configuration with two modules per container for twice the power
agenitor 80-450kW Biogas Datasheet
agenitor 100-450kW Natural Gas Datasheet
agenitor 115-750kW Hydrogen Datasheet
agenitor 100-580kW Propane Datasheet
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