Is The Power Flame Type CMAX Burner Right for Your Project?

Is The Power Flame Type CMAX Burner Right for Your Project?

The Power Flame Type CMAX Burner is one of the newest additions to the manufacturer's high capacity, versatile line of burners. This innovative burner offers cutting-edge technology for maximum operating performance and combustion efficiency when firing a variety of gaseous fuels and light oils.

The Power Flame Type CMAX Burner is available in sizes ranging from CM9 thru CM14 to accommodate a large list of applications and needs. It's also offered in a low NOx version that utilizes induced flue gas recirculation and delivers minimal emissions on oil or gas.

Flexible & Dependable Power Flame CMAX

The Power Flame Type CMAX Burner has a maximum rating of 92,400 MBH down to a minimum rating of 12,600 MBH. This unique burner uses an innovative firing head design that provides stable combustion over a large span of turndown ranges (8:1 on air atomized oil and 10:1 on gas).

All packaged combustion systems from Power Flame have been rigorously fire-tested to ensure dependability as well as cost effective start-up and installation. The innovative modular design concept of the Power Flame Type CMAX Burner produces increased flexibility for a vast range of features.

Easy Maintenance

The blast tube features an easy access door that allows for hassle-free maintenance of the firing head components. You can conduct maintenance without disrupting the electrical connections or fuel piping. The top-entry or bottom-entry gas manifold connection offers right or left hand configurations.

Key Features of the Power Flame Type CMAX Burner

Specifically designed for the most modern fire tube boilers, the Power Flame CMAX burner offers state-of-the-art technology that delivers maximum operating performance and optimized combustion efficiency when firing on all types of gaseous fuels and oils. Some of the key features of the Power Flame Type CMAX Burner include:

Circular Furnace Opening

No special cutting of combustion chamber front plate.

Low Pressure Firing Head

Additional flexibility for reduced blower motor horsepower and low gas pressure applications.

Characterized Fuel Metering

Varicam delivers accurately repeatable and fully adjustable fuel air ratios throughout the entire firing range. This feature is optional on the CM9 and CM10.

Total Access Panel

With easily removable, swing out front and top panels, you gain complete access to the Alpha System LED Indicators and Switches as well as the circuit board mounted operating controls.

Adjustable Firing Head

This feature delivers optimum fuel-air mixture conveniently within the primary combustion zone.

Standard Equipment of the Power Flame Type CMAX Burner

The Power Flame Type CMAX Burner includes a unique firing head that produces stable combustion over a wide turndown range. This top-of-the-line burner comes with several industry-leading standard pieces of equipment.

3450 RPM motor that includes:

  • Control panel with Alpha System LED Indicators (main fuel, demand, power, FSG alarm & customer selectable)
  • Control switches and manual potentiometer
  • Backward inclined blower wheel
  • Safety switch for combustion air flow

Gas electric pilot and ignition transformer

Flame safeguard with interrupted pilot and prepurge

Gas burner that includes:

  • Adjustable gas firing head
  • Pressure regulators, main gas cocks, and pilot

Air Atomized Oil Burner with:

  • Air compressor
  • UV scanner
  • Remote pump assembly
  • Nozzle assembly with atomizing air trains and oil

Power Flame Type CMAX Burner Optional Equipment

In addition to a wealth of standard equipment, the Power Flame Type CMAX burner offers multiple optional features, such as:

  • Varicam characterized fuel metering
  • Director graphic annunciator
  • Characterized gas fuel metering
  • IFGR for low NOx operation

Not all optional features are available on all models. Speak to your ATI sales engineer to learn which features are available for your Power Flame Type CMAX Burner (CM9 - CM14).

Contact Applied Technologies of New York

As the authorized Power Flame manufacturer representative, Applied Technologies of New York is the premier location to find the Type CMAX Burner and the full product offering from the manufacturer.

Contact ATI of New York today to set up a consultation.

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