Fulton Endura+: Revolutionary Boilers for Large Spaces

2.5MM – 12MM

High Output
Condensing Boilers

Reliable Combustion For Large Applications


Educational Facilities

Government / Military


Dormitories Office Buildings



Large Manufacturing Facilities

Engineered with Built-In Redundancy:

• Dual Boilers

• Dual Heat Exchangers

• Integrated Cascaded System

• Avoid downtime for emergency repairs or
   routine system maintenance

• Produce only the output you need to meet          

• Reduce design complexity.
• Compact footprint.

Achieve 90-94% Thermal Efficiency:

• Over Flex Tube Configuration

• Use 50% Less Space Than Horizontal

• Firetube Boilers

• Automatic O2 Trim Control Fine

• Tunes Air/Fuel Ratio

• Versatile Venting

• Up to 30:1 Turndown

• Save 515 Tons of CO2 per Year

  Compared to Typical Boiler

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership:

• Highest Seasonal Efficiency Reduces

  Fuel Costs

• Duplex Steel Heat Exchanger for

  Long Life

• Low Installation Costs

• Knockdown Capable for Retrofits

• Easy Access for Maintenance

• Lifetime Thermal Shock Warranty

• Long Boiler Life Even in High

• Output Use Cases

• O2 Compensation for Additional

  Fuel Cost Savings

Industry-Leading Capacities & Efficiencies

Example Case Study: New York City


34,000,000 BTU/hr

Design Day (13°F) Load


(4) EDR+10000



180°F setpoint

design day, 100°F

warm weather day


2.5% fuel cost annual

escalation at



The Endura+ boilers

average 96.1% TE over

5,029 run hours


Compared to a


83% TE boiler

First year fuel savings - $100K+

Fastest Time to ROI

Simplified Piping for Primary Variable Flow Reduces Installation Costs • Knockdown Capable for Less Expensive Retrofits

No Need for Dedicated Boiler Pumps • Integrated Controls Eliminate Need for Standalone Panels

PURE Control™ O2 Compensation Reduces Need for Midseason Adjustment • Compare to Conventional 83% TE Boiler and Save

Compared to an 83% Book Efficiency Installed Boiler:

• CO2 Savings – 500+ tons per year

• NOx Savings – 2.4 tons per year