Endura XE Boiler

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Endura XE
Endura XE Interior
Endura XE
Endura XE Interior

Endura XE Condensing Firetube Hydronic Boiler

Hundreds of thousands of installations around the world rely on Fulton’s legendary rugged, robust and reliable boilers. Like all Fulton products, the ENDURA XE is built to last and delivers leading-edge efficiencies and utility savings.

Reduce Fuel Costs & Emissions

The ultra-high efficiency heat exchanger and fuel-saving burner reduce fossil fuel use by 15% and NOx emissions by 80% compared to conventional boilers.

Simplify Your Installation

Fully electronic combustion controls use Flame-by-Wire™ technology. This installer friendly system is simpler to learn and operate, significantly reducing commissioning time and complexity.

Trusted Long-Life Durability

Firetube architecture is recognized for superior dependability and ease of installation. The ENDURA XE envelops tubes within a large volume of water, eliminating costly buffer tanks and primary-secondary piping.

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