What You Need to Know About the Weil-McLain LGB Commercial Boiler

What You Need to Know About the Weil-McLain LGB Commercial Boiler

Enjoy the legendary Weil-McLain design bolstered by versatile combustion control systems with the Weil-McLain LGB Commercial Gas Boiler. As the highest efficiency cast iron atmospheric gas boiler available, the LGB Commercial Gas Boiler is a fully-capable solution for a diverse spectrum of applications, including:

Weil-McLain LGB Commercial Gas Boiler Design

The Weil-McLain LGB Commercial Gas Boiler is infused with more than a century of innovation.

Factory-Assembled Base and Burners

The galvanized, insulated steel base is home to the one-piece, high temperature aluminized steel burners as well as the gas manifold. These burners continually deliver unparalleled flame characteristics, efficient performance, and quiet ignition and extinction. Without any adjustment needed for approved gases, the burners provide fixed primary air.

  • The LGB -4 through 12 come with one burner/base assembly and one gas train
  • The LGB -13 through 23 includes two burner/base assemblies and two gas trains

Cast Iron Sections

LGB sections are forged out of extra-durable cast iron for extended longevity. As a matter of fact, many Weil-McLain® cast iron boiler owners have kept their equipment in service for more than 35 years.

It features a tough outer skin to protect sections from corrosion. All sections are studded with heat pins, which causes the hot gases to swirl — scrubbing the entire surface for greater heat transfer.

Sealing Rope

The LGB Commercial Gas Boiler is engineered with sealing rope located between the sections to guarantee a gas-tight, permanent seal. After installation, the rope remains visible, so you can easily and quickly check for tightness. As a standard feature on Weil-McLain commercial boilers, sealing rope is uniquely engineered to:

  • Promote the contraction and expansion of the sections
  • Last the entire life of your boiler and never crack
  • Remain impervious to moisture and heat

Section Seal

The LGB Commercial Boiler is manufactured with modern elastomer sealing rings in the port openings, which are responsible for retaining an airtight seal. Unlike metal push nipples, the seals offer an elasticity that fills gaps caused by misalignments of sections, imperfections in the port openings, or contraction and expansion.

Simplified Rear Cleaning

Service technicians can easily clean the LGB Commercial Boiler thanks to an innovative rear cleaning solution. By removing the posterior jacket panel and steel cleanout plates, the flue passages are exposed, which allows for thorough cleaning and inspection.

Key Weil-McLain LGB Commercial Boiler Features & Benefits

When you invest in the Weil-McLain LGB Commercial Boiler, you are purchasing more than a century of boiler innovation. In return, this modern heating solution will provide your facility with the following core benefits:

Energy efficiency

As the highest efficiency cast iron atmospheric gas boiler on the market, the LGB’s impressive 85.1% combustion efficiency rating exceeds ASHRAE’s efficiency requirements.

Space saving compact design

At only 50 3/8” high, this boiler allows more headroom for venting and piping.

Enhanced durability

With corrosion-resistant cast iron sections, it's engineered with detail and quality in every component.

Money-saving design

The patented section sealing method, sealing rope, and short draw rods reduce installation and assembly time.

Ample production

The large 9” top port opening creates an internal header for superior water circulation. This large steaming area ensures the fast generation of dry steam.


The LGB is certified by the AGA for both propane and natural gas. Ratings are approved by AHRI for natural gas and propane.

Simplified piping

The largest LGB Commercial Boiler only requires two risers.

Minimized installation time

The factory-assembled base and burners significantly reduce the amount of time required for installation.

10 Year Limited Heat Exchanger Warranty

Weil-McLain is certain of the detail and quality infused into each boiler. As a result, the manufacturer is proud to stand behind their product.

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The Weil-McLain LGB Commercial Boiler is engineered to meet your facility’s heating needs with an unparalleled level of efficiency. Backed by an industry leading warranty, each component in the LGB Commercial Boiler is designed from high-quality materials.

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