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Outdoor Heaters for Restaurants

Due to COVID-19 related regulations, the majority of indoor dining seats must be left unoccupied, or suspended altogether. At the same time, outdoor dining is still accepted and encouraged. Now that the seasons have changed, this presents a real challenge to restaurant owners. You want to create a safe, hospitable, and welcoming environment so that diners become loyal customers. But Old Man Winter has arrived as well as cool temperatures.

ATI of New York wants to help you keep the cold at bay and keep your outdoor dining areas open. We are authorized manufacturer's representatives for Detroit Radiant Products and we provide a full line of state-of-the-art infrared heating solutions. The Detroit Radiant line includes a variety of electric and gas-fired infrared patio heaters to warm outside diners. These economical and compact patio heaters use infrared technology to create a warm and inviting place that people will continue to visit even as the temperatures drop.

What Is Infrared Heating Technology?

Outdoor Heating for Restaurants

Infrared energy heats floors, people, walls, and other surfaces directly instead of heating the air around them. This creates an instant warming sensation — like when the sun emerges from behind the clouds on a cold day.  Infrared heating is good for people and great for the environment.  When you heat with infrared you enjoy:

  • Lower Energy Consumption. Independent studies report up to 50% in fuel savings when compared to a conventional convection heater.
  • Flexibility. Infrared heating solutions provide directional heat to where it is most needed.
  • Reduced Emissions. Infrared heating solutions discharge few harmful emissions and burn clean.
  • Thermal Comfort. Since it heats the person and the floor — not the ceiling— heat energy is stored in ambient objects, which further increases the comfort of diners.
  • Durability. With no moving parts and low maintenance requirements, infrared heaters last.  

The DSS Series Medium-Wave Electric Infrared Heater

The DSS Series is perfect for high-end heating of patios and outdoor areas at restaurants and other hospitality environments. The DSS Series utilizes infrared technology to provide direct heat to people and objects — instead of heating the air around them like conventional convection heating.

DSS Infrared Heater for Outdoor Seating

Key Features and Specifications

The DSS Series is an outdoor use approved heater that delivers instant heat to diners. The cutting-edge technology and carbon lamps are enclosed in a stylish and slim design that complements any decor. The DSS Series is attractive, functional, and diners love it. Key features of the DSS Series include:

  • IP55 Designed for outdoor use, such as restaurant patios
  • Provides from 5,118 BTU/h to 8,530 BTU/h for fast outdoor heating
  • Quick-access remote control with up to four power settings
  • Electrical consumption from 1,500 watts to 2,500 watts
  • Integrated protection from tipping and overheating
  • High-efficiency carbon fiber lamps
  • 34.65” L x 7.48” W x 3.15” H
  • One-Year Warranty on all components

Improve the Outdoor Dining Experience

Conventional heaters warm and circulate the air. That’s inefficient. The DSS uses infrared technology that delivers instant warmth to people and objects. When you install the DSS, diners appreciate the exceptional outdoor heating and consistent heat distribution. This improves the customer experience and increases customer satisfaction.

That’s important for any business. In 2020, customer experience is a key differentiator with 86% of customers willing to pay more for an improved or exceptional experience.*

While your diners enjoy a warmer outdoor dining experience, you’ll enjoy increased customer satisfaction, repeat sales, and even reduced energy consumption.

Create a comfortable outdoor space this winter and leave the competition out in the cold.

*A Walker study found that at the end of 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Available DSS Models

The DSS is available in two models. The team at ATI of NY will work with you to configure the optimum solution based on your size, guest seating layout, and other considerations.

Model #





Mounting Heights







7' to 9'







8' to 12'


Extend Your Outdoor Dining Season Today

Winter is here and temperatures are dropping. Start warming your outdoor seating area now. Infrared heating solutions are the answer and ATI of New York is your source for infrared heating solutions.

Contact ATI of New York today for configuration and pricing.

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