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Honeywell manufactures an extensive line of boiler/burner control products for all manner of commercial HVAC applications, including heating, cooling, humidifying, and indoor air filtration.

Utilizing advanced software programs and optimally designed sensors, switches, gauges, and other control instruments, Honeywell creates improved indoor comfort, energy savings, maximized safety, and environmental responsibility.

The Honeywell boiler and burner auxiliary product line includes flame safeguard controls, modulating air-fuel ratio controls, burner/combustion controls, firing-rate motors/linkages, flame detectors/monitoring systems, gas valves, ignition transformers, temperature controls, pilot burners, programmable zone controllers, variable frequency drives, energy meters/sub-meters, valve/damper actuators, switches, timers, sensors, thermostats, radiant heat controls, and more.

To learn more about the specifics of Honeywell's highly diverse product line, you can visit their website and click on the product of interest under the Product tab.

SLATE Integrated Combustion Equipment Management System

Honeywell Slate

SLATE™ from Honeywell brings together configurable safety and programmable logic. It’s one platform from one vendor that can easily be customized for virtually any commercial or industrial combustion application – in less time with less complexity.

Buy only the modules you need and choose how to use them with simple wiring commands.

One platform, virtually limitless possibilities. It’s time to rethink how you bring combustion equipment management solutions to market.

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