What You Need to Know About Marlo's Water Treatment Equipment

What You Need to Know About Marlo, Inc.’s Water Treatment Equipment


Since 1973, Marlo, Incorporated has demonstrated a strong commitment to offering customers and partners the best and most innovative solutions. Most recently, Marlo expanded their services and product line to include a full line of reliable industrial and commercial water treatment equipment.

Today, Marlo has become synonymous for prompt service, quality products, and for customizable capabilities. You'll find Marlo equipment functioning throughout the United States and world purifying and treating water to enhance processes. At ATI of New York, we are the authorized manufacturer's representative for Marlo. We provide a Marlo designs for a wide array of products ranging from custom engineered systems tailored exclusively for your needs to standard catalog equipment.

Water Softener

Water Softener

With a proven reliability record, Marlo water softeners are based on a portfolio of field-tested designs. These systems are ideal for the removal of magnesium and calcium compounds in water, which leads to limestone hardless.

Water softeners eliminate scaling from forming in process equipment, piping, as well as heat exchange systems. These solutions are also an effective way to bolster the effectiveness of rinsing and cleaning processes.

Key Water Softener Capabilities

  • Offers flow rates ranging from 1 to 1500 GPM per vessel
  • Multi-port valve nest systems or valve
  • Steel vessel systems or FRP
  • Skid mounted system options
  • Salt recycling system options
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) or non-code stamped vessels
  • Hot water systems including condensate polishers
  • Water meter or timer based regeneration
  • Various piping options, including SS, Copper, PVC, CS, etc.

Water Filtration Systems

Media Filtration

Featuring the latest and most cutting-edge technology in water filter media, Marlo water filters are designed to manage a myriad of water treatment applications. Some of the most common applications include, pH neutralization, turbidity removal, odor and taste reduction, dechlorination and manganese/iron removal.

Many facilities utilize water filtration devices for their osmosis pre-treatment capabilities, process equipment protection, side-stream filtration for cooling towers, and ability to improve the quality of drinking water.

Key Media Filtration Capabilities

  • Delivers flow rates ranging between 1 and 1000 GPM per vessel
  • Multi-port valve or valve nest systems
  • Skid mounted system options
  • Steel vessel systems or FRP
  • Pressure or time drop based backwash
  • ASME or non-code stamped vessels
  • Multi-media, activated carbon, manganese greensand and neutralization media systems

Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis

Marlo's industrial and commercial reverse osmosis systems are designed to produce high purity water through the efficient process of removing bacteria, dissolved minerals, organic impurities, and particles. Every reverse osmosis system is engineered with the top-of-the-line materials and components for deliver exceptional performance and reliable operation.

Key Reverse Osmosis Capabilities

  • Offers flow rates ranging from 200 GPD up to 500 GPM per unit
  • Two-pass and two-stage system options
  • Membrane clean-in-place system solutions
  • 8.0", 4.0" and 2.5" membrane element sizes
  • All high-quality stainless steel feed pump systems
  • SS or FRP membrane element housings
  • Alternative membrane types, including nanofiltration (NF) and ultrafiltration (UF)

Speciality Ion Exchange/Deionization Systems

Deionization and Speciality Ion Exchange

Marlo's deionization systems are engineered to deliver ultrapure water for more critical or sensitive applications. Each system effectively utilizes both anion and cation polymeric ion exchange resins in either the common vessel (mixed-bed) or distinct vessel (separate-bed).

Based on the supply of water, systems may require chlorine removal, iron, or turbidity as a pretreatment step. Marlo offers a large selection of speciality ion exchange applications, including nitrate removal, weak acid softening, and radium removal.

Key Deionization/Speciality Ion Exchange Capabilities

  • Delivers flow rates ranging from 1 up to 500 GPM
  • Standard skid mounted systems
  • Steel vessel or FRP systems
  • Standard PLC controlled systems
  • Optional decarbonator system
  • ASME or non-code stamped vessels
  • Option for sulfuric acid based regeneration
  • Water meter based or conductivity regeneration

Laboratory Water System Capabilities

Laboratory Water Systems

Marlo's laboratory water systems are created to act as the main, centralized, purified source of water for several applications, including medical, academic, and other research capacities. All of these systems are designed to exceed or meet the Type I, II and II reagent-grade water platforms set forth by ASTM or CAP/NCCLS standards.

To minimize start-up and installation costs, most Marlo lab water systems can be furnished with factory-tested and fully-installed treatement equipment on a common skid package.

Key Laboratory Water System Capabilities

  • Pre-treatment (softener/ inlet filter/ carbon)
  • Final sub-micron filter
  • Ultraviolet sterilizers
  • Reverse Osmosis storage tank
  • DI exchange polishers
  • Stainless steel distribution pumps
  • Control Panel with Purity Monitoring
  • High purity piping (PVDF, SS, PP)

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