The Columbia CT Boiler Brings the Heat & More

The Columbia CT Boiler Brings the Heat & More

The Columbia CT Series Boiler is the manufacturer's most popular high pressure steam boiler — and for many excellent reasons. It features an innovative vertical tubeless three-pass design that delivers an exceptionally compact source for high pressure steam output and great fuel efficiency.

Intuitively designed for several years of the use, the Columbia CT Series Boiler is one of the premier steam solutions on the market. The experienced sales engineers at ATI of New York can help you decide if a CT Series boiler is best for your application needs. Continue reading to learn more about some of the key highlights of the Columbia CT Series Boiler.

The Columbia CT Boiler Offers Flexibility

When you choose the Columbia CT Series Boiler, you can choose from seven different models with horsepower ranging from 6 up to 50. The gas input ranges from 2,100,000 BTUs per hour down to 252,000 BTUs. The CT Boiler offers water capacity ranges from 16 gallons up to a surprising 240 gallons. If you're using oil, the oil input ranges from 2 up to 15 gallons per hour.

Columbia Boilers Are Built on Decades of Experience

Did you know Columbia Boiler Company dates back to 1936? The company began creating boilers for basic steam operations. During the years of the war, Columbia fabricated steel heat exchangers and holding tanks.

Since then, Columbia has specialized in boilers for industrial applications, commercial, residential, and waste oil applications. Today, you can find a complete line of high pressure Columbia steam boiler systems designed to cover a range of applications, including: 

Highlighted by Strength, Reliability, and Efficiency

As one of the most impressive boilers in the Columbia inventory, the CT Series Boiler features several reliable and strong components as well as efficiency advantages. As previously mentioned, it's a vertical boiler with a three-pass tubeless design.

This means it's much more compact and efficient than other competing industrial boilers on the market. While it offers ranges from 6 up to 50 HP with a 150 PSI steam, you can opt for a 250 psi. The Columbia CT Boiler uses either liquid gas, natural gas #2 oil or dual fuel.

Cutting-Edge Components & Features

Columbia CT Industrial Steam Boilers are equipped with cutting-edge components and features designed to improve efficiency and bolster longevity. Some of the key features and attributes of the Columbia CT Series Boiler include: 

  • Pressure-fired chamber for combustion
  • ASME 3-Pass design for maximum efficiency and optimized heat transfer
  • Extra-large steam capacity
  • Massive steam dome chamber for drier steam
  • Available high efficiency low-high-low and modulating burners available
  • Industry-first submerged water cooled furnace
  • Convenient burner location makes service easy and fast
  • ⅜"-thick rolled plate shell for enhanced service life
  • Compact footprint
  • Low emissions burner available
  • U.L. packaged boiler engineered to ASME Section I specifications

Each CT Boiler features an extended surface area, which includes a high dome design and larger steam chamber for drier steam and quick draw. 

Tried, Tested and Proven

Prior to leaving the factory, all Columbia CT Boilers are rigorously tested, piped, wired, and fully assembled. In either case, it's imperative to adhere to all state and local codes when installing the system, including four approved clearances from the UL:

  • 18 inches for the Chimney Connector Clearance
  • 48 inches for the Front Clearance
  • 18 inches for the Top Clearance
  • 18 Inches for the Side Clearance

The flue sizes on the Columbia CT Series Boilers can range anywhere from 6 inches up to 12 inches.

Simple Installation

When you choose the Columbia CT Series Boiler, you'll receive a manual that will clearly explain everything you'll need to know, such as required input of gas per hour and pipe capacity.

You can also find thorough electrical supply information as well as other essential owner's operating information. Best of all, you'll be supported by the experienced team of sales engineers and technicians at ATI of New York.

Contact ATI of New York for More on the Columbia CT Boiler

The CT Series boilers are engineered for dependable performance. It includes several  advanced features to ensure it meets your needs for several years of rugged use. When you choose the Columbia CT Boiler, you will receive a boiler built on years of innovation and a legacy of excellence.

As authorized manufacturer's representatives of Columbia Boiler, the experts at ATI of New York will work closely with you to understand your needs. Then, we will guide you toward the best boiler solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.  

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