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school classroom with air purification system

ASHRAE Releases Important Update to Ventilation Standard for Improving Indoor Air Quality

ASHRAE Releases Update to Ventilation Standard 62.1-2019 for Improving Indoor Air QualityThe publication of Addendum aa to ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2019 is expected to accelerate widespread adoption by HVAC systems design engineers of ASHRAE’s IAQ Procedure (IAQP) for improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency in non-residential buildings.According to ASHRAE, Standard 62.1 has undergone key changes […]

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Lockwood Products

Newsletter: New Vendor, New Products

When it comes to new or replacement boiler room equipment, you should have as many practical options as possible. ATI carefully considers equipment manufacturers that share our standards for reliable, high-quality products and technologies that last. We continue to build on our product portfolio in an effort to serve as a single source provider and […]

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pressure gauge indicator in boiler-room

Newsletter: Are Boiler Room Applications with Dual Return Temperature Options More Efficient?

Are Boiler Room Applications with Dual Return Temperature Options More Efficient?Boiler system designers have been experimenting with the concept of a dual temperature return to the heat exchanger (HX) for decades. The idea is to compartmentalize the heat exchanger with multiple temperature zones to maximize efficiencies.While whitepapers and videos explain it in theory, the real-world […]

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