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Re-Verber-Ray SW Series

Re-Verber-Ray SW Series Shines the Brightest

The Re-Verber-Ray Short-Wave (SW) heaters are a modern marvel. The Re-Verber-Ray SW2 Series heaters boast the remarkable ability to produce both visible light energy as well as infrared heat. The source of the energy is generated by short wave electric lamps enclosed in an attractive package.The Re-Verber-Ray SW2 is offered in an array of colors, casing, […]

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Combined Heat & Power Systems

Igniting the Charge for Combined Heat & Power Systems

The power grids of the tomorrow will not be comprised of a few extremely large power plants. Instead, the power grids of the future will be made up of several smaller power plants.Combined heat and power (CHP) systems or cogeneration plants are becoming increasingly popular across the world. Combined heat and power plants boast unparalleled controllability, […]

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ConceptThe “concept to completion” notion explains our ability to be there with you and your team along every step of the way. We’re uniquely staffed with people who understand our equipment as well as your industry.  As a trusted advisor to countless stakeholders, we provide an unparalleled value add with specific solutions based on design, […]

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Diversity At Applied Technologies of New York, our product offering is just as diverse as the customers you serve. Throughout our decades of experience, we’ve learned there are no one-size-fits-all solution. What works well for pharmaceutical companies and hospitals’ clean steam needs may not always translate for breweries. Because of this, we make it our […]

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Experience One of the key reasons ATI of New York has been so successful is our collective team experience. Each of our professionals bring a unique set of experiences that contribute to our overall service culture.  The ATI of New York family offers a wealth of collective knowledge spanning across almost two centuries through multiple […]

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ResponsivenessWhen you call or send ATI of New York a message, you can rest assured we will answer. We employ an entire team of professional, highly-trained experts who are tasked to answer your questions. Whether you’re an engineer requesting technical information on a boiler you’re specifying on a new job or an end user needing […]

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LongevityAt ATI of New York, we’re proud to offer the best, world-class equipment and boiler room systems. All of our boiler room systems provide unparalleled output backleed by best-in-class warranties. For instance, when you purchase any Fulton Boiler from ATI of New York, you’ll receive a comprehensive, industry-leading warranty: A Lifetime Thermal Shock Warranty 5 […]

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Education At ATI of New York, we are the premier manufacturer’s representative for the leading boiler producers in the world. And superior education is at the very core of everything we do and will continue to drive our success.  We partner with contractors and engineering firms to exchange ideas and arrive at the ideal solution […]

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