Boilers & Burner Services for Property & Facility Managers

Property & Facility Managers

As a facility manager or property manager, you must wear several hats and be responsible for a wide array of equipment. When it comes to choosing to replace or repair your boiler room or combustion related equipment, trust the seasoned experts at Applied Technologies of New York to help you navigate the process toward the most comprehensive solution.

We will always put your needs first. The highly trained sales engineers and factory trained technicians at Applied Technologies of New York will partner with all related parties to ensure a successful project. Most commonly, we partner with engineers, contractors, distributors, and manufacturers to make the process as seamless and unobtrusive as possible.

Once your boiler equipment is effectively installed and commissioned, our services do not end there. We work closely with you to schedule extended product support and training for end users and all other interested parties.

Expert Consultative Point-of-Purchase Assistance

Up to a third of any facility's energy bill can be directly attributed to the boiler room. If this system has any inefficiencies, this proportion will exponentially increase, which means dramatically increasing energy costs. Choosing to replace your existing boiler system is one of the most effective ways to achieve energy efficiency, savings, and improved performance.

However, most facility managers begin this process overwhelmed without an idea of where to begin. Our team will perform an intuitive needs assessment of your facility. We will carefully consider the current state of your existing equipment with consideration of current and future needs, business goals, budget, and various site parameters in our exhaustive process.

We use this in depth knowledge to fuel our consultative point-of-purchase process. Once we have collected information about your business, we combine it with our industry knowledge to help you choose the most comprehensive boiler room equipment.

We bring more than 20 years of experience helping facility and property managers choose the most efficient boiler room solutions. While our expertise spans across several industries, we most commonly develop customized boiler room and combustion applications for:

Comprehensive & Scalable Boiler Product Solutions

At Applied Technologies of New York, we pride ourselves in being the manufacturer's representative for the latest and most technologically advanced boiler room and combustion related equipment in the world.

We provide equipment from industry-leading brands, such as Fulton. Power Flame, Superior Boiler Works, Weil McLain, Autoflame, Fabtek, Honeywell, Siemens, Columbia, and more.

ATI of NY is the go-to source for cutting-edge steam and hot water boilers for commercial heating and industrial applications. As product experts, we continue to work closely with engineers in the design phase and contractors during installation. We provide an invaluable value-added service to ensure the equipment achieves the intended goals in the most efficient manner possible.

As a full service manufacturer's representative, all of our boiler room solutions are fully scalable. Over our decades of customizing boiler solutions, we have continually achieved high-performance, high-efficiency solutions for property and facility managers throughout

  • Nassau County, NY
  • New York's Five Boroughs
  • Lower Hudson Valley, NY
  • Suffolk County, New York
  • Northern New Jersey

Extended After-Sale Product Support

After your equipment has been installed and commissioned, our job doesn't end there. Instead, we provide extended product support to ensure you achieve the highest level of performance.

We create exclusive training modules for property managers, facility managers, and end users. These sessions are facilitated by our sales engineers and factory trained technicians who deliver training material directly from the manufacturers.

All of our professionals seamlessly work together to achieve our singular goal - a world-class customer experience.

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At Applied Technologies of New York, we understand the various tasks and responsibilities of property managers and facility managers. All of our solutions are designed to provide reliable, trouble free operation of your critical boiler plant.

Applied Technologies of New York is a full-service firm that specializes in delivering state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge solutions. We bring multiple decades of experience consulting and delivering high-performance combustion and boiler room equipment. After your equipment has been installed and commissioned, our factory trained technicians will continue to deliver extended product support to help you get the most out of your combustion or boiler room equipment.

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