Who Needs to Blow Off Some Steam

Who Needs to “Blow off Some Steam?”

A question that comes up quite often is Do I need to install a blow down separator with my steam boiler?” Our answer is YES. Why?

In New York State, it is not permissible, by code, to discharge water from a boiler system that is >140 degrees, F. As blow-down from a steam boiler enters the blow down separator, the steam and water become separated. This safe blow down method allows the steam to be safely vented to the atmosphere, as the hot water is discharged to a drain. The addition of a cooling kit will reduce the temperature of the water to <140 degrees F, by allowing it to mix with cold water, for a safe, legal discharge to your drainage system.

When sizing your blow down separator, It is not necessary to install one for each boiler, since boiler blow down is conducted one boiler at a time. Simply size it for the largest boiler in the boiler room and pipe all boilers to it via a common header. Note: The common header must be sized equal or larger than the largest single line from any boiler.

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