The Weil-McLain SVF Is Performance Perfected

The Weil-McLain SVF Is Performance Perfected

Weil McLain SVF

The Weil-McLain SVF (Stainless Vertical Firetube) is a state-of-the-art boiler engineered to deliver reliable performance. As Weil-Mclain's most advanced commercial stainless steel boiler, the SVF boiler boasts industry-leading thermal efficiency between 96.2% up to 97.1%.

Enhanced by extra-durable materials and corrosion-resistant components, the Weil McLain SVF offers an added level of protection against wear and tear. In addition to industry-leading reliability and exceptional efficiency, the Stainless Vertical Firetube offers an intuitive and user-friendly Unity control system, unparalleled ease of maintenance and installation, and much more.

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You Can Have It All with the Weil-McLain SVF

Weil-McLain SVF Boiler

The SVF line of boilers were developed based on extensive market research and testing to help ensure the most effective design and enhanced functionality. Available in 750, 1000, 1100, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 models, the SVF line includes a stainless steel fire-tube heat exchanger that provides best-in-class resistance to corrosion and an aesthetically pleasing exterior.

It delivers superior thermal and energy efficiencies as well as cost savings that can help make building owners eligible for local utility rebates. The Weil-McLain SVF meets all standard bid specifications for new construction. Most importantly, this boiler is engineered for most heating needs including applications in public institutions, schools, offices, healthcare buildingshotels, churches, multi-family homes, and much more.

With the Weil-McLain SVF boiler, you can have it all with a unit that covers all of the required bid specs for new construction, such as:

ASME Certification

Vertical Fire-tube Design

Industry-Leading Efficiency

100% Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger & Shell

Natural Gas/Propane

Up to a 10:1 Turndown Ratio

Ease of Installation and Service

160 PSI Working Pressure

Low NOx Emissions

Full Lineup of Venting Options

Convenient "Door-Fit" Design

Unity™ User-Friendly & System Controls

Weil-McLain Reliability

Corrosion Protection/Resistance Solutions

SVF Stainless Vertical Firetube (750–1100 MBH) - Front and Rear

Industry Leading Efficiency with Weil-McLain SVF

The Weil-McLain SVF boiler heat exchanger features a unique, proprietary clover-shaped, fire-tube design. The heat exchanger offers a greater surface area that promotes maximum heat transfer. This is one of the reasons the Weil-McLain SVF boiler is able to deliver up to 97.1% thermal efficiency — based on the model.

Weil Mclain

The Weil-McLain SVF boiler heat exchanger features a unique, proprietary clover-shaped, fire-tube design. The heat exchanger offers a greater surface area that promotes maximum heat transfer. This is one of the reasons the Weil-McLain SVF boiler is able to deliver up to 97.1% thermal efficiency — based on the model.

SVF's Unity Offers Effortless Control

The SVF features a world-class Unity™ control system that combines user-friendly, intuitive design with advanced technology. A few key attributes of the Unity Control system include:

  • The ability to sequence up to eight different boilers to meet a vast range of needs and system demands.
  • The integrated setup wizard makes all installations straightforward, simple, and customizable — even in hybrid applications.
  • Common control logic communicates with Weil-McLain SVF boilers (70-3000 MBH), Weil-McLain SlimFit boilers, and Weil-McLain Evergreen boilers.

The Unity Controller intuitively reduces set-up and installation time for contractors and helps simplify boiler design for engineers. This system also bolsters communication and improves control interface commonality across the entire high-efficiency boiler line of Weil-McLain.

Stainless Vertical Firetube Offers Simplified Installation

The new Stainless Steel Vertical Firetube boiler streamlines installation and setup which saves time, money, and labor costs.

Weil-McLain SVF Ease of Installation
  • Heavy-duty roller casters allow the boiler to be easily maneuvered in the tightest of spaces. The casters also means you'll no longer need a forklift.
  • It has a compact size and is small enough to fit through the standard-size door.
  • You can quickly remove the boiler from the shipping crate thanks to an intuitive ramp design.
  • It features reliable, industrial grade leveling legs.
  • The low-profile burner design reduces the necessary overhead work to only 18 inches.

Hassle-Free Maintenance of the Weil-McLain SVF

Another exceptional hallmark of the Weil-McLain SVF series boiler is hassle-free, easy maintenance. It features a range of innovative features designed to make maintenance stress-free and simple.

  • A convenient hinged cover plate allows for fast access to the fire tubes and burner.
  • No side access required for service.
  • Fast jacket panel removal of front and top panels simplifies maintenance.
  • Open back panel design makes maintenance a hassle-free affair.

Enhanced Longevity and Corrosion-Resistance  

Durability is uniquely engineered into every Weil-McLain SVF boiler. It's enhanced by several advancements in anti-corrosion technology, which virtually guarantees reliable, long-lasting heat exchanger performance.

Weil-McLain SVF Corrosion Resistance
  • Vertical fire-tube design
  • 316 stainless steel shell and heat exchanger
  • Industrial-grade jacket panels and steel frame
  • Replaceable, integrated condensate tray

The SVF Models

Below are the performance specs for each of the seven SVF models:

Model No.Thermal EffeciencyMax Pressure (psi)Max Input (MBH)Gross Output (MBH)Net AHRI Rating (MBH)Turn DownWater ConnGas ConnAir/Intake Vent SizeLengthWidthHeightShipping Weight (lbs)
SVF 75096.30%1607857566575 : 12" flange1 1/4"6"46.5"31.5"79.1"1,565
SVF 100096.80%1601,0009688424.4 : 13" flange1 1/4"6"51.0"31.5"79.1"1,875
SVF 110097.10%1601,1341,1019575 : 13" flange1 1/4"6"51.0"35.4"79.1"1,875
SVF 150096.50%1601,5001,4481,2597.5 : 13" flange2" FNPT8"84"35"79"2,550
SVF 200096.20%1601,9991,9231,67210 : 13" flange2" FNPT8"84"35"79"2,550
SVF 250096.80%1602,4992,4192,1048.3 : 13" flange2" FNPT10"84"35"79"2,850
SVF 3000-1603,0002,8742,49910 : 13" flange2" FNPT10"84"35"79"2,850

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