Blazing the Industry with the Weil-Mclain EGH

Blazing the Industry with the Weil-Mclain EGH

The Weil-McLain EGH Series is a cutting-edge commercial gas boiler with the ability to meet a vast range of application needs. This series of commercial gas boilers provide quality steam and offers a tankless heater option.

Engineered with decades of the Weil-McLain ingenuity, boilers in the EGH series are easy to install and service. With impressive combustion efficiencies up to 82%, the Weil-McLain EGH is the perfect commercial boiler solution for:

Continue reading to learn more about the key features and capabilities offered by the Weil-McLain EGH Series line of commercial gas boilers.

Weil-McLain EGH Series Boiler Key Features & Benefits

The Weil-McLain EGH series boilers are medium capacity cast iron boilers designed with strong and reliable parts to help improve efficiency and reduce heat loss. Each component is meticulously crafted based on the decades of experience of the engineers at Weil-McLain.

Due to the intricately detailed construction, it’s not uncommon for Weil-McLain’s cast iron boilers to last in excess of 40 years and achieve exceptional efficiency throughout its life. In addition to the unparalleled durability, performance, and longevity, each Weil-McLain EGH commercial gas boiler includes an array of standard features:

  1. Combination regulator and gas valve effectively combines all automatic and manual control functions that are required for the hassle-free operation of the boiler. Instead of having various individual main line gas controls and pilot lines, the combination gas and regulator valve replaces them.
  2. Tankless opening eliminates the additional costs of storing large volumes of water in a storage tank, which means the boiler will waste less energy.
  3. Available as a water or steam boiler based on your application and facility needs.
  4. Non-linting pilot burner provides worry-free operation in the process of lighting the primary gas burners and operating the pilot safety shutoff device.
  5. Horizontal to vertical draft hood simplifies connecting the system to the chimney flue.
  6. Factory-assembled section block that saves time as well as works to minimize installation and startup costs.
  7. Insulated extended steel jacket works to reduce heat loss and keep heat in.
  8. Stainless steel burners ensure quiet operation of the boiler and provide a fixed primary air that doesn’t require air adjustments.
  9. Unmatched comfort and reliability based on the decades of experience gained by Weil-McLain engineers and designers.
  10. Burner shield to protect the burner and promote safe and efficient operation.
  11. Electrical junction box simplifies as well as expedites locating, servicing, and repairing any type of electrical problems that may arise.
  12. 40 VA transformer (with receptacle for plug-in relay)
  13. Highest-efficiency model-PI w damper, intermittent electronic ignition, system and automatic vent damper system used to promote reduced fuel consumption.
  14. High-efficiency model-PI intermittent electronic ignition is initiated by an electronic spark and only burns when the heating cycle is ready to begin, which results in significant fuel savings and efficiency gains.
  15. Standard efficiency model (EGH-85 and 95 only) constant burning, thermally supervised pilot system, and thermocouple works to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your boiler.

In addition to the standard features, the EGH series steam boiler also includes:

  • check
    Steam pressure gauge
  • check
    15 PSI ASME relief valve
  • check
    Gauge cocks and glass
  • check
    High-limit pressure control syphon
  • check
    Low-water cutoff-electrode type

You can further customize your Weil-McLain EGH commercial gas boiler with the following optional equipment:

  • check
    Low-water cutoffs
  • check
    Automatic vent damper (on natural gas boilers with electronic ignition)
  • check
    Water and steam tankless heaters
  • check
    EGH Boiler with openings for tankless heaters
  • check
    Electronic controls

Weil-McLain EGH Series Boiler Ratings

The Weil-McLain EGH series commercial gas boiler is offered in models ranging from 315 MBH up to 495 MBH with a net load range steam of 760 square feet up to 1,193 square feet. You can choose from the following models:

EGH Model

C.S.A Input (MBH+)



C.S.A. Gross Output (MBH+)

Weil-McLain EGH 85




Weil-McLain EGH 95




Weil-McLain EGH 105




Weil-McLain EGH 115




Weil-McLain EGH 125




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