Weil-McLain 88 Series 2 - Commercial Gas/Oil Boiler

Learn More About The Weil-McLain 88 Series 2 Commercial Gas/Oil Boiler

The cutting-edge commercial gas/oil Weil-McLain 88 Series 2 is a highly durable and capable cast iron boiler. The 88 Series 2 delivers a vast and robust heating range from 1,010 through 5,845 MBH. In spite of its impressive heating range, this commercial boiler can still achieve up to 85.7% thermal efficiency. Continue reading to learn more about some of the innovative features offered on the Weil-McLain 88 Series 2 Commercial Gas/Oil Boiler.

Weil-McLain 88 Series 2 Standard & Optional Equipment

Weil-McLain 88 Series 2 Commercial Boilers Standard Equipment

All Weil-McLain 88 Series 2 boilers include a bevy of standard equipment, such as:

  • ASME 80 PSI rated cast iron section
  • Power burner for light oil, gas, or gas/light oil (except H-XX88)
  • Insulated steel jacket
  • Burner mounting plate with refractory (except H-XX88)
  • Observation ports on back and front sections
  • Cast iron flue collar with integrated breaching damper
  • HXT-bars
  • Flue brush
  • Cleanout plates with reusable gaskets
  • Excluding the front panel, the panels have three inches of insulation

Weil-McLain 88 Series 2 Water Boiler Standard Equipment

The Weil-McLain 88 Series 2 Commercial water boilers are designed with:

  • Combination low limit and high limit with manual reset control
  • 30 PSI ASME relief valve
  • Combination temperature/pressure gauge
  • Built-in air eliminator
  • Nipple and 5" x 6" reducing coupling (only on models 1288 through 1888)

Weil-McLain 88 Series 2 Steam Boiler Standard Equipment

The 88 Series 2 steam boilers include:

  • High limit and low limit pressure controls
  • 15 PSI ASME safety valve side outlet
  • Gauge cocks, guards and glass
  • Steam pressure gauge siphon

Weil-McLain 88 Series 2 Optional Equipment

In addition to the expansive array of standard equipment, you can further customize your Weil-McLain 88 Series 2 boiler based on your needs with a large selection of optional equipment. Some of the most commonly utilized optional equipment for the Weil-McLain 88 Series 2 boiler includes:

  • Tankless heater opening cover plates
  • Factory assembled sections
  • Burner mounting plate with refractory for "H" units
  • Tankless heaters for domestic hot water
  • Intermediates with tankless heater opening
  • Low water cutoffs
  • Optional burners and burner controls
  • Dual-range manometer
  • Side inspection tappings with plugs (2 per section)
  • Barometric dampers

Features of the Weil-McLain 88 Series 2

Improved Efficiency

With a long list of improvements and upgrades, the Weil-McLain 88 Series 2 commercial boiler now delivers improved efficiency. Depending on the model, this boiler is capable of achieving combustion efficiencies up to 87.5% on oil and 84.8% on gas. In addition, the 88 Series 2 can achieve thermal efficiencies up to 85.7% on oil and 83.1% on gas.

Backward Compatible

When it comes to versatility, the 88 Series 2 is in a class of its own. The boiler can use up to 50% Series 2 iron on a Series 1 block. Best of all, it can achieve this backward compatibility without consulting Weil-McLain.

New Easy-Access Jacket Design

The Weil-McLain 88 Series 2 commercial gas/oil boiler was designed for easy cleaning and accessibility. It includes:

  • Three inches of insulation to maximize thermal efficiencies and minimize jacket losses.
  • Toolless jacket panels and modular jacketing to allow easy access.
  • Modular side panels that facilitates simple assembly.
  • High-temperature site glass grommets.

In addition, all components have easy-to-read part number labels to make disassembly and assembly as effortless as possible.

Innovative Clean-Out Plates

The 88 Series 2 commercial gas/oil boiler is designed with rugged ¼ inch thick solid steel plates. It also includes a Coated Woven Fiberglass reusable gasket.

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