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The Gas Utility

The local utility may have rates, services and/or incentives to help influence a design or equipment selection. By understanding Gas Utility rates you may have more options available.

ATI represents manufacturers' of equipment that qualify for these rates and will perform in applications that may not have come to mind before.

Seasonal or full time service may be one way to cut down on higher cost fuel oil for the domestic water heating supply. In apartment buildings this can be a significant way to produce savings while still maintaining oil for the main boiler plant.

Some examples include Seasonal rates, Firm and Dual fuel service and rates with available Energy Efficiency rebates.

Seasonal Rates

Both Con Edison and National Grid have seasonal rates available. An example would be domestic hot water supply for Multi-family buildings. In some areas the utility may require extensive reinforcement to supply the gas load, often at the expense of the building owner. By utilizing specific equipment selection the customer could utilize a separate water heating system and take a portion of the load off the boiler plant. This would utilize less expensive natural gas to make hot water for tenants.

The seasonal rate will allow the use of gas during the time period of April 1st to October 31st (or November 30th). The utility may be able to approve service to produce hot water due to its "off-cycle" nature. If gas supply is available, this equipment may also be a good year round option for water heating (see Firm Rates section). This will allow savings while avoiding contributions for utility infrastructure.

Firm Rates

Firm rates are used to supply gas on a 24/7 basis. It is a non-interruptible form of service. In some cases gas supply can be brought to the building at no charge, in other cases there could be a contribution required by the applicant. These are all determined by an analysis done by the utility. The firm gas rate will also allow the customer to apply for energy efficiency rebates.

Dual fuel capable equipment may be utilized on a utility firm rate. This is important to many customers who would like to have fuel security (back up fuel). If the utility must install mains and services and dual fuel equipment is installed, they may request that a mandatory level of gas is used annually for a period of time (3 to 5 years). ATI can help you explore the firm/dual fuel equipment option so you can make an informed decision.

Dual Fuel Rates

The dual fuel option typically requires special equipment that can operate on either gas or # 2 oil. This is common on equipment with a firing rate of 1,000 MBH or more. It can be an alternative if the utility cannot supply the firm gas rate and is usually required for large capacity projects. It can prove to be an economical choice. It will require that the equipment can be switched over to the alternate fuel (or off) when the utility directs the customer to do so based on outside air temperature. ATI's line-up of products have the capability and are commonly used on these rates.

Energy Efficiency

The newest player to most gas utilities is the energy efficiency rebate. These rebates are projected to be very strong over the next several years. The rebates are primarily funded by a Systems Benefit Charge. These charges are included on all firm customers' bills. The amounts for 2014 and 2015 are in excess of $36M/year to administer and pay these rebates! The utilities want to have these dollars spent since unused $ are returned to the customer.

The State has an expectation that the utilities will make good faith efforts to decrease the average customers use by offering Energy Efficiency programs. This will save resources, reduce emissions and reduce the need for upgrading the utility gas pipeline facilities.

There are two basic types or rebates: Prescriptive and Custom.

Prescriptive: These rebates are standardized amounts for well-established products (see ATI's line card for an extensive list of approved product). These products must be listed with AHRI, and typically qualify based on Thermal Efficiency or AFUE.

Condensing boilers, Infra-Red heaters and indirect water heaters are other types of qualifying equipment. There are also prescriptive rebates for Insulation, flow restrictors, boiler plant and steam controls.

Custom: Custom rebates are used for equipment not available for rebates under prescriptive equipment. These may include larger boilers, combustion controls (such as Controllinks by Honeywell) – and almost any valid system upgrade that can be documented to save energy. ATI can assist you with the submissions of these requests.

We will be happy to discuss your needs and advise you on equipment options. We can also assist you with the utility to explore options to save energy.

More information is available at the utilities websites:

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