Siemens Combustion Control Systems: What You Should Know

Siemens Combustion Control Systems: What You Should Know

Siemens Combustion Control Systems

Siemens combustion control solutions are compact systems for standard and high-end applications as well as commercial and industrial burners. Backed by extensive experience in the field of gas burners and forced draft oil, Siemens is one of the most reliable partners for burner manufacturers.

Siemens remains on the forefront of new requirements for low emission levels, high-efficiency burners, and the use of biofuels. Their exceptional use of electronics, mechanics, sensors, and other components enables their products to thrive in a vast array of regulatory and physical environments.

ATI of New York is the authorized manufacturer’s representative for Siemens Combustion Controls — offering their entire lineup of innovative products and complete solutions. Our knowledgeable team will help you choose the ideal combustion control system for your facility.

Siemens Combustion Control Solutions for Commercial Burners

Siemens combustion control systems are available for any type of commercial application — whether it’s a complex ratio control with up to six actuators or a basic sequence control and a fixed time program.  Reliable and secure flame detectors and burner controls are engineered for continuous or intermittent operation. Commercial combustion control systems can be paired with a range of innovative matching components to ensure optimized interplay.

When high accuracy damper actuators are used with combustion optimization technology like the LMV5 ratio control and 02 trim control, you can achieve higher efficiencies and lower emission levels. Flexible parameter settings allow you to choose from an array of different configurations.

You can easily integrate the compact LMV2 or LMV3 ratio control into your commercial burner. Because of the innovative “red flag” mode, commissioning your system is quick and simple. This world-class program walks you through each setting of the key parameter.

Siemens combustion control systems for commercial burners cover vast capacity ranges — from 300 kW up to 30 MW. Virtually every burner application can be covered by one of Siemens’ commercial combustion control systems — whether it’s in connection with industrial process plants, steam boilers or water boilers.

Siemens Combustion Control Solutions for Industrial Burners

You can find an industrial burner at the heart of almost every thermal process-based production line. However, the final product’s quality greatly hinges on the burner’s performance and reliability. The key requirements placed on advanced firing systems include:

  • Maximum availability
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Streamlined integration with existing automation systems
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    High levels of energy efficiency

By utilizing decades of experience, Siemens combustion control systems have proven to be a must-have solution for manufacturers of high-quality thermoprocessing equipment. Standard burner controls like the LME7 are regularly used with a vast number of actuators driven by synchronized motors.

For any type of medium capacity burner, the LMV2 or LMV3 has proven to be the ideal unit. The LMV2/3 is a flexible combustion control solution that works with gas, oil, modulating, and multi-stage burners.

The LMV5 burner management system features an electronic air-fuel ratio control, and gas valve providing components integrated directly into the basic unit. The LMV50 now makes it possible to integrate external flame safeguards as well, which ensures the burner functions properly — even in environments with unfavorable flame ratios.

Siemens Combustion Control Systems & Solutions for Burners

Whether you need a combustion control system for an industrial or commercial burner, the experienced sales team at ATI of New York will help you find the perfect solution. As authorized manufacturer’s representatives for Siemens Combustion Controls, we offer their entire product line. Some of the most common solutions we offer include:

  • LME7 burner control systems are microprocessor-based units that feature matching system components to allow the supervision and control of medium-to-high capacity forced draft burners. They are used to achieve high levels of efficiency.
  • LMV2 & LMV3 burner management systems are microprocessor-based burner control systems with coordinating components that facilitate the supervision and control of medium-to-high capacity forced draft burners.
  • LMV5 burner management systems feature integrated load control and fuel/air ratio control systems that can be utilized with forced draft burners. Depending on the specific type of burner management system, you can access O2 trim control features or specific functions for industrial as well as commercial applications.
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    Siemens’ damper actuators provide control, either electronically or pneumatically, for a variety of HVAC applications.
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    Siemens RWF5 universal control is primarily used to control the pressure or temperature in gas-fired or oil-fired heating plants. Whenever relevant parameters are established, the Siemens RWF5 can be set to cooling mode and control in reverse operation.
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    Gas valves and actuators are actually separate components. However, due to excellent performance and cutting-edge features, Siemens actuators can be combined with any of the manufacturer’s valves.

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At ATI of New York, we’re proud to be the preferred manufacturer’s representative for Siemens Combustion Controls. We offer a full range of cutting-edge Siemens Combustion Control solutions. The experienced team at ATI offers decades of experience. We’ll use this experience to help you create a total boiler solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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