The Re-Verber-Ray SS Series Shines in Wet & Harsh Environment

The Re-Verber-Ray SS Series Shines in Wet & Harsh Environment

Re-Verber-Ray SS Serie

If you’re considering powerful, commercial, gas-fired infrared heaters for specialty applications, the Detroit Radiant Stainless Steel (SS) Series boasts innovative features and substantial capabilities for a range of environments. In fact, these infrared heaters are regularly used in many contaminated, wet, and harsh environments. 

At Applied Technologies of New York, we are the authorized manufacturer’s representative for the entire lineup of Detroit Radiant Products. Our experienced sales engineers will listen to your facility's needs and guide you to the most suitable Re-Verber-Ray infrared heating options. Let’s take a closer look at the dynamic Detroit Radiant Products Re-Verber-Ray SS Series gas-fired, infrared heater.  

Key Features of the Detroit Radiant Re-Verber-Ray SS Series 

The Detroit Radiant Products Re-Verber-Ray SS Series is uniquely designed to perform in some of the harshest environments. This line of stainless steel infrared tube heaters are equipped with cutting-edge technology as well as the best in performance and durability. Some of the key features and attributes of the Re-Verber-Ray SS Series are: 

  • The SS Series is dynamic and engineered to perform in wet, harsh, contaminated and exterior environments, such as car washes.
  • Access to models with a vast span of BTU/h inputs ranging from 75,000 up to 200,000
  • You can select optional stainless steel upgrades (-SB) or go with 100% product upgrade features (-SS).
  • Operates on both Propane (10” W.C.) or Natural Gas (3.5” W.C).
  • All components are completely enclosed in a silicone, moisture-resistant control housing.
  • The SS Series is enhanced by rain tight electrical attachments.
  • Your facility will enjoy reliable hot surface ignition.
  • Certifications for the SS Series includes IAS, CSA, Indoor, Outdoor with OD Kit.
  • Comes standard with a 120 volt power cord and offers an available 24-volt control add on.
  • A PVC coated stainless steel flexible gas connector.
  • The SS is available in tube lengths spanning from 20 feet up to 60 feet.
  • You can select optional indicator lights.

Limited Warranty on the Detroit Radiant Products Re-Verber-Ray SS Series

When you opt for the SS Series line of products, you’ll enjoy an exceptional piece of equipment and a greater peace of mind. The SS Series is backed by:

  • 3-Year Limited Warranty on Components
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on Tubes
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on the Burner

The HL2 & DX2 Re-Verber-Ray SS Series Low Intensity Tube Heater

The Re-Verber-Ray SS low intensity tube heater is available in two different models: HL2 SS Series and DX2 SS Series. Both models are designed for contaminated, wet, and outdoor applications; and both models boast the best in performance and durability. However, these two stainless steel heaters do offer different levels of flexibility. 

  • The HL2 is a two-stage, stainless steel low intensity tube heater
  • The DX2 is a single-stage, stainless steel low intensity tube heater

The experts at ATI of New York will work closely with you to help you understand the differences between the HL2 and DX2 to guide you to the best solution for your facility. 

Reliable & Cost-Efficient Stainless Steel Design

Constructed from 304 and 409 types of stainless steels, Re-Verber-Ray SS Series infrared heaters are ideal for a range of outdoor applications. These two primary types of stainless steel are engineered for durability and are commonly used for exhaust parts. 

They both feature additives to make them more resistant, harder, and stronger. By utilizing the most ideal mixture of the two ultra-reliable stainless steel types, the Re-Verber-Ray SS Series is able to deliver the reliability you need with special attention to cost effectiveness.

Why Choose Infrared Heating? 

The majority of other traditional heating methods must heat the air first, which is then circulated to warm objects and people. This is the key reason traditional heating methods are controlled by thermostats that detect air temperature. Traditional heating takes longer to heat objects and people because they are the secondarily warmed — after the air. 

With cutting-edge infrared heating from Detroit Radiant Products, the floors, people, and other objects are warmed first, which makes it an extremely efficient way of heating. Similar to the way the sun emerges from the clouds, infrared heating provides an immediate warming sensation to people and objects. Infrared heating truly shines in storerooms, warehouses, and other diverse conditions. 

Contact ATI of New York for the Re-Verber-Ray SS Series 

For over 50 years, Detroit Radiant Products has been leading the way by delivering cost-effective, high-quality, energy-efficient heaters. And at ATI of New York, we are proud to be the authorized manufacturer’s representative for this innovative firm. 

Contact ATI of New York today to learn more about the Re-Verber-Ray SS Series line. 

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