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ATI has chosen to supply its clients with Water King products because Water King has been a recognized leader in the manufacture of high-quality water treatment equipment for over 80 years (since 1934).

Water King delivers complete, packaged products to meet a wide range of commercial applications. Their equipment is reliable, durable, and easy to install.

Water King Products

Water King manufactures an astonishingly voluminous and diverse line of water treatment products. Their products, however, can be put under two main categories: water softeners/filters and accessories.

Water softeners/filters

Water King makes a large assortment of water softeners/filters, which are capable of treating all manner of source water into a form more usable in commercial/industrial applications and that will aid in increasing both the efficiency and lifespan of your other equipment.

Water Softener Models include:

Water filtration systems include:

Water King's water softeners/filters have many variable features based upon the needs of your specific application. Tanks may be of fiberglass, steel, or epoxy-lined steel. Valves may be Task Master III (top or side mounting) or six-diaphragm. Controls can be on-demand or timed. Brine injectors and backwash flow controllers are either internal/external.

ATI staff can assist you in understanding precisely how each model of water softener works and which one would best fit your needs.


Water treatment systems cannot function at their best without the aid of various accessories and auxiliary equipment, and Water King makes a plethora of tough-built, optimally engineered accessories that have proven their worth through years of use in some of the toughest of environments.

Accessories/parts available from Water King include:

Water King also sells the innovative Atlantic Ultraviolet Purification System, and RO-2 and RO-4 Series Reverse Osmosis Systems.

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