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Custom Blower Packages

Action Blower & Equipment (ABE) has a long track record of custom-engineering high-quality blower packages that meet the needs of commercial users across a wide array of industries and applications. At ATI, we have a close working relationship with ABE and can connect you to any of their standard products or help arrange a customized product that will best meet the demands of your application.

ABE Custom Blower Packages

ABE is keenly aware of the fact that every application is, to a degree, unique, and that unless the design of your blower unit is precisely fit to your specific needs, optimal performance will not be achieved. Therefore, ABE will build a blower package to the exact set of specifications you provide them with or, if necessary, will help you in determining what those specifications ought to be.

The size and type of blower, the included accessories, and the ideal configuration will be used in creating your custom blower package. ABE understands that each application will demand a somewhat different approach.

The most common applications for ABE custom-built blower systems are:

  • Gas and vapor recovery/venting/treatment
  • Wastewater treatment/tank aeration
  • Pneumatic transport of powders/solids
  • Air and gas sampling/boosting/circulation
  • Air-assisted parts blow off/drying/pick up/hold down

Blower Package Elements

The most commonly included elements in ABE custom blowers are:

  • PD blower and motor
  • V belt and OSHA guard
  • Inlet/discharge silencer
  • Inlet filter
  • Pressure and vacuum gauges/relief valves
  • High-convenience control panel
  • Motor starter panel

Additional Options/Accessories

While the core elements of ABE blower packages are often the same/similar (as outlined above), common options/accessories include:

  • Ventilated sound and weather enclosures
  • Heat exchangers
  • Vibration isolators
  • Extra control valves
  • Various instrumentation devices

There are also numerous other ABE parts and accessories that can be included in their blower packages as needed. The same accessories/parts can also be used for upgrades, parts replacements, and repairs.

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