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Hurst Boiler offers a complete line of quality Boiler Auxiliary Equipment, including pressurized and open-vented feedwater systems, blowdown separators, surge tanks, steam accumulators, super-heaters, and more.

Feed Water Systems

Hurst's line of feedwater systems are exemplified by the Feedmiser, an automatic condensate return system that also gives you water make-up storage, and can be ordered as a fully packaged, pre-piped and wired, ready-to-install unit. Hurst manufactures feed water systems for all steam boiler types, pressurized up to 300 psig or open-vented.

The Hurst Oxy-Miser is a feed water de-aeration system that removes oxygen from feed water down to .005 cc/liter and fully eliminates carbon dioxide. The Oxy-Miser is extremely efficient and eliminates the need to purchase expensive oxygen-scavenging chemicals.

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Blowdown Separators

Hurst Boiler Company's BDS Series of blowdown separators remove water from your boiler during the blowdown process and de-pressurize it to atmospheric levels to ready it for safe disposal.

This is accomplished by separating flashed steam from hot boiler water. As the steam-water combination enters the blowdown separator, it is channeled by the striking plate to turn in a manner that creates centrifugal force. This tends to separate the water from the steam, which is then exhausted into the atmosphere by means of a strategically positioned top vent.

The Hurst blowdown separator is constructed in accordance with the ASME Code, Section VIII, and bears the (literal) stamp of approval of the much-respected National Board of Pressure Vessel Inspectors. Among all those familiar with the industry, Hurst's BDS Series blowdown separator is credited with providing exceptionally safe blowdown separation in an extremely economical manner.

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