Examining the Magnitude of the Power Flame Vector Burner

Examining the Magnitude of the Power Flame Vector Burner

The Power Flame Vector is a burner that provides facilities with a one-of-a-kind combination of design advantages and operating advantages previously not offered in combustion systems with  moderate to high input.

Boasting a world-class design combined with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, the Power Flame Vector offers a new cost-effective alternative to the dated technology used in the Register type burner.

The low excess air, parallel flow design delivers high turndown, high efficiency, and low NOx operation. The innovative modular construction reduces lead times for manufacturing while delivering a vast range of flexibility for a vast range of applications. The Power Flame Vector Industrial Burner operates on gas, light oil, and heavy oil.

It offers capacities ranging from a substantial 16,800,000 up to 63,000,000 BTU/HR. And this factory packaged system uniquely fires boilers, heaters, and process equipment. Continue reading to learn more about some of the most innovative features on the Power Flame Vector Industrial Boiler offered by Applied Technologies of New York.


With strategically-located splitter vanes and baffles, the combustion air is distributed evenly to the air sleeve. These critical components are optimized through the cutting edge hydro analog simulation method.

Air Sleeve

The Power Flame Vector Burner produces parallel, turbulent-free, combustion air flow within the Vector air sleeve for better results. Even distribution ensures a uniform flow pattern and optimized mixing near stoichiometric conditions. Highly-efficient staged air combustion is introduced through the parallel flow combustion air stream into the swirler.

The Swirler

A primary combustion zone downstream of the swirler is produced by the innovative rotational effect on the primary portion of the combustion air. The primary combustion zone creates a vortex promoting more flame stability and effective mixture of the air and fuel, which leads to complete combustion at up to 10 to 1 turndown when firing gas. When liquid fuels are fired, this state-of-the-art process produces up to 8 to 1.

Exceptionally Low Excess Air Levels

As a modern marvel, the Power Flame Vector Burner can achieve excess air levels below or at an astounding 5%. In context, traditional register burners operate at anywhere from 15% up to 30% excess air. The Power Flame Vector Burner’s exceptionally low excess air level translates into higher efficiency and cost saving operation.

Unique Burner Throat Exit Shape

The Vector’s unique burner throat exit shape is specifically engineered to match with the swirler and air sleeve. This component alignment allows it to deliver an aerodynamically stabilized flame. The refractory throat can be factory installed as a component of the packaged system, or field installed using the factory-supplied refractory former assembly.

Multi-Lance Gas Burner

A total of six gas lances are attached to the gas manifold conveniently located within the burner. The lances have multi-port stainless steel gas spuds attached to them.

These lances are set in the factory, but can be adjusted in the field to provide maximized fuel staging. The fuel is properly matched to the most turbulent primary combustion zone as well as to the laminar secondary combustion zone.

Fuel Staging

Fuel staging on the Vector is achieved by directing the Vector orientation of the gas spuds to create robustly rich fuel and fuel lean zones inside of the combustion envelope. The Vector’s fuel staging results in low NOx emissions and high-efficiency combustion.

Y Jet Liquid Fuel Atomizer

The Vector offers a state-of-the-art Y-Jet atomizer that incorporates several mixing chambers. These chambers produce a finely atomized mist with the economical use of either air or steam.

When the Vector is at maximum capacity, the steam or air consumption can be as low as .020 pounds of steam (air) per pound of oil. This finely atomized spray is injected into the primary combustion zone where the turbulent action of the Vector intently mixes air and fuel to deliver exceptionally low excess air combustion.

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The Power Flame Vector is a high-efficiency industrial burner that combines today’s most innovative research and technology. This burner boasts a cutting-edge design where every component works to produce high efficiencies, high turndown, and low NOx operation.

ATI of New York is proud to be the authorized manufacturer’s representative for Power Flame. We offer the Vector industrial burner as well as the entire lineup of Power Flame equipment. Most importantly, we have the expertise to understand your application needs and guide you toward the best solution.

Contact ATI of New York today to learn more about the Power Flame Vector high-efficiency industrial burner.

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