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Turning Up the Heat on the Power Flame Type JA Forced Draft Gas Burner


The Power Flame Type JA is a high-performance forced draft gas burner. This small to medium range burner is uniquely engineered to fire LP gas, natural gas, and a vast complement of other types of fuels.

This system includes cutting-edge features, a robust and wide range of capabilities, and the durability you’ve come to expect from the Power Flame brand. Continue reading to learn more about a few Type JA burner highlights, features, and specifications.

Efficiency & Dependable Operation  

The Power Flame Type JA gas burner was created to deliver optimum combustion efficiency and exceptional operating dependability. It’s engineered with a flame retention firing head that is designed to mix the fuel and air more efficiently than traditional units. This innovative firing head utilizes a pre-mix zone for combustion with a stainless steel multiport diffuser — which delivers a vast range of steady operation in both positive and negative combustion chambers.

The JA burner is versatile enough to fire confined combustion chamber configurations and high-pressure drop. With this state-of-the-art unit, operating system adjustments are reduced to deliver trouble-free operating performance and startup. In addition, every Power Flame packaged combustion system is factory fire-tested to provide a cost-efficient installation and startup.

Highlights of the Power Flame Type JA

The Type JA burner delivers efficient combustion without the use of refractory or other types of expensive flame support devices. It features an integrally mounted control cabinet that offers many of the annunciation features typically reserved for larger, industrial size systems. A few key highlights of the Power Flame Type JA burner include:

  • The totally enclosed control cabinet offers additional protection with easy access to the key operating components.
  • Mounting flange flexibility allows the simple adaption to a range of firing head insertion depths.
  • The circular furnace opening requires no special cutting of the combustion chamber front plate.
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    The Alpha System LED Indicators & Switches allow operator annunciation, while other small to medium size burners do not.
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    Multi-louvered combustion air damper assembly promotes the more precise control over fuel-air ratios.

Standard Features on the Power Flame Type JA

The Power Flame Type JA includes a generous offering of standard features designed to meet your application needs. These features include:

  • Leakage test, pilot and main gas cocks
  • Motor with 3450 RPM
  • Squirrel cage blower
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    Cabinet enhanced with Alpha System LED indicators (power, demand, FSG alarm, main fuel, customer selectable)
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    Control switch
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    Pilot and main gas pressure regulators
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    Gas ignition transformer and gas electric pilot
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    Air safety switch
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    Flame safeguard with flame rod and intermittent pilot and pre-purge (only natural gas)

Type JA Optional Features

In addition to the previously mentioned standard features, the modular design of the JA produces ample flexibility and allows you to choose optional features that best meet your application needs. The optional features available on the JA include:

  • Flame safeguard with UV and Intermittent pilot for natural gas
  • Flame safeguard with UV and Intermittent pilot for LP gas
  • Flame safeguard with UV and interrupted pilot
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    Off-On diaphragm gas valve with individual gas pressure regulator
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    Low-Hi-Low or Low-Hi-Off automatic air control with motorized gas valve,
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    Modulation with automatic air control
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    Customized control system and accessories

Power Flame Type JA Ratings & Specifications

The Power Flame Type JA forced draft gas burners are flexible, diverse, and reliable. With an output range from 300,000 up to 2,200,000 BTU/HR, you can choose from four different burner models to best match your application needs.

Burner Model

Max Natural Gas MBH

Nominal Boiler H.P. Max













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