Burning the Field with the Power Flame Type HAC

Burning the Field with the Power Flame Type HAC

Does your facility need a heavy-duty, reliable burner with the ability to offer capacities ranging from 1,200,000 up to 11,600,000 BTU/HR? If so the Power Flame Type HAC forced draft burner system boasts some of the most advanced burner technology on the market.

The Power Flame Type HAC is a versatile heavy oil/gas low pressure air-atomizing, forced draft burner system. It can operate on a vast expanse of fuels — ranging from #2 fuel oil through #6. All Power Flame control panels are U.L. listed and labeled as "Industrial Control Panels" or "Flame Safeguard Control Panels".

Best of all, you can find the Power Flame Type HAC as well as the entire line up of other cutting-edge burners at Applied Technologies of New York. We are the authorized manufacturer’s representative for all Power Flame equipment.

In addition, our sales team has an in-depth understanding of the equipment. We will work to match your unique needs to the perfect Power Flame burner. Continue reading to learn more about the Power Flame Type HAC.

What Makes the Power Flame Type HAC Unique?

The Power Flame Type HAC includes a variety of cutting-edge solutions designed to meet your facility’s needs.

Power Flame Type HAC’s Twin Air Dampers

Power Flame utilizes twin air dampers with oil impregnated bronze bearings to provide smooth, even travel throughout the firing range. The twin damper arrangement is easily converted in the field to single damper operation for better control of the airflow at the low end of a model firing range.

Standard Total Access Control Panel

The Total Access Control Panel allows the end user, serviceperson, or operator to have complete access to every operating component located inside the burner control panel. With a completely removable front panel door, you can replace it without the use of any tools. In addition, the top panel section — where lights, switches, etc. are housed — can be quickly swung into an upward position to provide complete and unencumbered access to the bottom (wiring connections) of every panel mounted device.

Type HAC’s Graphic Burner Management System

The Graphic Burner Management System offers high quality graphic display of critical burner functions at a most affordable price. This innovative eight-color graphic annunciation display is an industry exclusive —no other burner or manufacturer has developed the methods or production capability to produce anything close the optional Graphic Burner Management System.

Power Flame’s Director Plus

The Director Plus is an available option that can be added to the standard Director. The Director Plus adds the functions of a graphic "First Out" annunciation system through microprocessor based programmable controller technology. It boasts a standard eight (8) first out annunciation points as well as other optional points and optional system diagnostics.

The Varicam

The "Varicam" is a characterized 14-point cam actuated fuel metering device. This system boasts accurately-repeatable and adjustable air-fuel air ratios throughout the full firing range on gas, oil  and combination gas/oil modulating burners.

High-Stability Flame Characteristics of the Power Flame Type HAC

The multi-port combustor and unique Power Flame air envelope combustion head uniquely positions gas inside of a complete envelope of combustion air. This is achieved through the introduction of air on both sides of the gas firing orifices.

This world-class design delivers a flame with high-stability characteristics. This contrasts to competitor designs which introduce combustion air into only one side of the gas firing orifices.

Gain the Edge with Power Flame Advantage

When you use the Power Flame Type HAC for your facility, you’ll gain a unique set of distinctive advantages, including:

  • An equally efficient combustion in positive or negative draft.
  • An integral or remote oil pump is offered on #2 oil units on sizes through the model HAC4-C (52.5 GPH) with the attendant cost savings helping competitively. Remote pump is standard on all other units.
  • New vortex/mix, high velocity, retention firing head — no refractory throat or burner choke required.
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    A circular opening that doesn’t require any special alterations of the furnace front plate.
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    Multi-port combustor and unique Power Flame air envelope work to ensure maximum stability for gas combustion.
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    All air compressors used on the Power Flame Type HAC are of the reciprocating piston type, which are superior in design and performance to the rotary vane type used by some of the competition.

Standard Equipment of the Power Flame Type HAC

The Power Flame Type HAC comes equipped with everything necessary for operation. The standard equipment for the Power Flame Type HAC includes:

  • Powerful 3450 RPM motor and squirrel cage blower wheel assembly.
  • Control panel featuring three lights and control switches.
  • Combustion and atomizing air proving switches.
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    Full modulating operation on all fuels.
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    Main gas pressure and pilot regulators.
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    Gas/electric pilot assembly with a pilot cock, ignition transformer, and solenoid valve.

Contact Applied Technologies of New York for the Power Flame Type HAC

Applied Technologies of New York is the authorized manufacturer’s representative for Power Flame, offering the entire lineup of Power Flame’s world-class burners — including the Power Flame Type HAC. At the same time, we have the technical expertise and industry knowledge to guide you to the best burner and equipment for your facility. We proudly serve the following industries:

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