The Power Flame Type FD Torches Other Burners

The Power Flame Type FD Torches Other Burners

The Power Flame Type FD is a cutting-edge process and HVAC burner. It’s engineered to accommodate process heating appliances and air handling applications that need air streams directly heated.

The Model FD is a fixed air, direct air model that can fire either at 90 degrees or in line to the process air flow achieving an optimized turndown ratio of 30 to 1 or more. The counterpart to the FD — the Model FDM — is a modulating, indirect-fired air burner that can maintain on-ratio control over a 20 to 1 turndown.

In either case, the Power Flame Type FD offers a highly-reliable direct spark ignition, low maintenance, and high combustion efficiencies, which makes it suitable for a vast range of air heating and process applications. Continue reading to learn more about the key features, ratings and specifications, and other important attributes of the Power Flame Type FD burner.

Key Features of the Power Flame Type FD Burner

The Power Flame Type FD Burner includes a generous selection of standard equipment. You can also add several optional features to further customize the burner to meet the specific needs of your application. The standard and optional features are listed below:

  • Standard 3450 RPM Fan Motor
  • Standard Connections for Combustion Air Switch
  • Standard Fixed Combustion Air Damper
  • arrow-right
    Optional Modulating Combustion Air Damper
  • arrow-right
    Standard Flame Rod
  • arrow-right
    Optional UV Scanner
  • arrow-right
    Standard Ignition Electrode
  • arrow-right
    Standard Modulating Butterfly Gas Valve
  • arrow-right
    Optional Ignition Transformer
  • arrow-right
    Optional Modulating Motor
  • arrow-right
    Optional Combustion Flow Air Switch
  • arrow-right
    Optional Combustion Control System
  • arrow-right
    Optional Pre-piped and Pre-wired Gas Trains
  • arrow-right
    Optional Mode of Operation (On-Off, Low-High-Off, Low-High-Low)
  • arrow-right
    Optional Custom Control Panels
  • arrow-right
    Optional Wall Penetration Protection Sleeve (For High Velocity Streams)

Power Flame Type FD Burner Ratings and Specifications

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from five different Power Flame Type FD Burner models with the following ratings and specifications:

Burner Model

Max Natural Gas Capacity (BTU/HR)

Min Natural Gas Capacity (BTU/HR)

Power Flame FD 75



Power Flame FD 150



Power Flame FD 225



Power Flame FD 300



Power Flame FD 350



Power Flame Type FD Burner Applications

The Power Flame Type FD burner is uniquely engineered to fire process air heating applications that need direct heat to the air stream of the system. It represents a new generation of burners that are especially well suited for a variety of applications that move large volumes of air at high velocity.

The Model FD provides direct fired air heating through the use of L.P., natural, and other types of gaseous fuels. This versatile, fixed-air, direct-heating gas burner can achieve an impressive turndown ratio.

Flexibility & Versatility

To meet your unique needs, all burners can be customized with an optional combustion control system and gas train. On the other hand, you can order the Type FD with a basic assembly burner only. Regardless of your needs, the Power Flame Type FD burner offers flexible versatility designed to exceed your expectations.

High-Tech Combustion Head

The Power Flame Type FD burner features a cutting-edge combustion head design. This innovative engineering allows for turndowns that exceed 30:1 and shorter flame lengths with outstanding flame stability spanning across its whole modulating range.

Reliable Performance of the Power Flame Type FD

The Power Flame Type FD burner is constructed to deliver hassle-free startup and long-lasting reliable performance. It features a fixed air damper that simplifies adjustments to the operating system.

Each unit is forged from welded steel to ensure a long service life and dependable operation. And the FD’s low maintenance requirements offer high-efficient and consistent operation between all scheduled servicing appointments.

Type FD Safety Features

The Power Flame Type FD burner is factory fire tested and shipped as a complete assembly, which further simplifies installation and integration. Prewired and pre-piped gas trains are an available option as a component of the integrated combustion package. This package can be configured to meet any local and national codes.

It can also be configured based on your specified requirements. Each Power Flame Type FD burner is ETL listed, which serves as proof of its compliance to North American safety standards.

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ATI of New York is proud to be the authorized manufacturer’s representative for Power Flame, and we offer the entire lineup of Power Flame’s state-of-the-art burners. Our experts have an in depth level of knowledge about each of the burners we offer. We’ll use our expertise to match your specific needs to the ideal Power Flame burner.

Contact ATI of New York today to learn more about the Power Flame Type FD burner or any other model.

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