Feel the Heat from the Power Flame Type CX

Feel the Heat from the Power Flame Type CX

Power Flame Type CX

If you're looking to heat water or similar aqueous solutions for different commercial and industrial process applications, the Power Flame Type CX will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. The dynamic Power Flame Type CX Burner is engineered with an innovative, induced draft technology that fires directly into immersion tube heat exchangers with a relatively small diameter of anywhere from 1.5” up to 6”. 

Every Type CX burner is engineered and custom designed for optimized heat exchanger operation. It features a patented burner head that focuses the flame for enhanced efficiency and can fire both propane and natural gas. The Power Flame Type CX is available in a range of sizes spanning from 50,000 BTU up to 2,500,000 BTUs. Because of its exceptional versatility, the Type CX is commonly used to heat aqueous solutions across a vast range of industrial and commercial applications. Continue reading to learn more about the Power Flame Type CX.

Power Flame Type CX Models, Ratings & Specifications

As the authorized representative for Power Flame, ATI offers the full lineup of Type CX burners and will match your needs to the best solution. 



Exchanger Pipe 

Size (Inches)



Burner Head 

Gas Pressure




2.0-Inch W.C




6.0-Inch W.C




2.0-Inch W.C




4.0-Inch W.C




6.0-Inch W.C




6.0-Inch W.C

Key Features & Attributes of the Power Flame Type CX

The Power Flame Type CX is enhanced by innovative technologies that facilitate minimal intrusion into the heat transfer working area (it’s submerged in the liquid that will be heated) without the need of a combustion chamber. A few key attributes of the Power Flame Type CX include:

  • Available in models ranging from 50,000 BTU up to 2,500,000 BTU
  • Delivers transfer efficiencies that exceed 80%; while other systems may operate at 30% or lower.
  • The patented Power Flame burner head helps direct and channel the flame to ensure efficiency is maximized.
  • Low maintenance and operating costs primarily due to no moving parts on the burner housing.
  • Offering versatility, the immersion tube varies in size ranging from 1.5” up to 6” in nominal diameter.
  • It boasts a compact vessel design thanks to shorter length and smaller diameter of the heat exchanger. This helps keep construction costs low and helps reduce costs associated with installation.
  • CX burners are capable of firing both propane and natural gas.
  • This unit has low gas pressure supply requirements, which means you may not need additional equipment.
  • Multiple burner installations can be engineered to function within a common flue.

Rugged Design for Operating Versatility

The Type CX is built with rugged, ultra-reliable construction without any exposed electrical connections or operating parts. Because of this, the Power Flame Type CX is able to function in a range of process environments.

Fully-Integrated Combustion Package

When you order the Type CX, you’ll receive a fully-integrated combustion package. Every control system, fan, and burner is custom engineered for ideal heat exchanger operation. And if you have complex design parameters, Power Flame and ATI of New York will work closely with you to create a computer-generated Cx CALC that produces a timely response to complex design parameters.

A New, More-Efficient Way to Heat Liquids

Heating liquids for industrial and commercial applications can be a very expensive operation. However, the Power Flame Type CX offers a cost-efficient solution. It combines the benefits of a high-efficiency heating system with competitively priced fuel to offer you — the end user — the most cost effective method of process liquid heating. The Power Flame Type CX boasts operating efficiencies in excess of 80% for all aqueous heating applications and offers the versatility of using either L.P or natural gases.                  

Power Flame Type CX Applications & Industries

The Type CX burner features a cutting-edge, induced draft technology that fires directly into small diameter immersion tube heat exchangers. Because of its versatility, typical applications include a vast range of liquids and aqueous solutions, including:

  • Lubricating Oils
  • Chromates
  • Acids
  • Cooking Oils
  • Alkali Cleaners
  • Phosphates
  • Demineralized Water
  • Beers
  • Detergents
  • Brighteners
  • Waxes

These applications can be found across several different markets, such as:

  • Hospital & Healthcare Industry
  • Metal Finishing Industry
  • Food Manufacturing Industry
  • Manufacturing of Appliances
  • Drink Manufacturing Industry
  • Colleges & Higher Education
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers

Power Flame Type CX Creates Opportunities for Improvement

Regardless of the industry or application, the exceptionally high efficiency of the Power Flame CX creates a range of opportunities, including:

  • The replacement of old-fashioned gas heating arrangements,
  • The replacement of inefficient heating systems, and
  • The replacement of more expensive electrical systems.

The compact nature of the Power Flame CX allows it to be used in relatively new markets, such as hot water production in mini breweries, hot water storage tanks, and more. In either case, many customers who use the CX report payback periods ranging from three to 24 months.  

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ATI of New York is the authorized manufacturer's representative for the entire lineup of Power Flame equipment. Our factory-trained sales engineers will conduct an in depth needs analysis and match your facility's needs to the perfect solution. 

Contact us today to learn more about the Power Flame Type CX. 

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