Power Flame Gas 2 Oil Burners In Stock

Power Flame Gas/#2 Oil Burners in Stock

ATI is proud to announce our immediate availability of C1-GO-10 through C5-GO-30 burners in stock and ready to ship. Each burner is equipped with UL, NYC DEP (regulator unsealed & unstamped), Adjustable Flange, Color Coded Wiring Diagram, Siemens Gas Train, Direct Spark Oil Ignition and more.

These burners are equipped and ready to apply to the following heat exchangers:

Power Flame ModelWeil McLainSmithScotch Marine Boiler
C1-GO-104, 5,6-8019A-4, 5
C1-GO-127,8,9,10-80/ 4,5-8819A-6 / 28HE-4, 5
C2-GO-1511, 12-80/ 6,7-8819A-7, 8, 9 & 10 / 28HE-6, 7
C2-GO-20A8-8819A-11/ 28HE-8
C2-GO-20B9,10R-8819A-12/ 28HE-9, 1060 HP
C3-GO-2010,11,12-8828HE-1170, 80 HP
C3-GO-2513-8828HE-12, 13, 1490 HP
C3-GO-25B14,15,16R,16-8828HE-15, 16100 HP
C4-GO-2517,18-8828HE-17,18125 HP
C4-GO-30150 HP
C5-GO-30175, 200 HP


  1. 115/1/60 on C1-GO-10 through C2-GO-15. 230/1/60 on C2-GO-20A&B, 208/3/60 on C3-GO-20 through C5-GO-30.
  2. Mode of Operation is LHL on C1-GO-10 through C2-GO-20B. Full Modulation on C3-GO-20 through C5-GO-30.
  3. Integral Oil Pump, Manual Changeover & Honeywell RM7897C Flame Safeguard on C1-GO-10 through C2-GO-20B. Remote Oil Pump, Automatic Changeover & RM7840L on C3-GO-20 through C5-GO-30.
  4. Many straight gas burners also in stock from 400 – 2500 MBH.

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