Gain More Control with the Power Flame Director SCS

Gain More Control with the Power Flame Director SCS

Power Flame Director SCS

The Power Flame Director SCS (Supervisory Control System) is a world-class burner management system that provides access to critical burner functions and an array of information on a 10” color touch screen display. This system enables you to gain complete and accurate control and supervision of your boiler and burner operations. In addition, you can access historical views to optimize the total system performance. 

The Power Flame Director SCS is based on the Honeywell SLATE PLC control system, which provides superior combustion control and improves total system efficiency. The user friendly display offers you access to all essential boiler and burner functions and data at a glance. Best of all, the Power Flame Director SCS can be easily customized to your needs and operation.

Continue reading to learn more about the new Power Flame Director Supervisory Control System offered at ATI of New York. 

The Power Flame Director SCS & Honeywell SLATE 

The Director SCS is powered by the Honeywell SLATE PLC burner control system, which boasts more effective combustion control and enhances the overall efficiency of the system. The expansive 10” screen displays all of the most essential burner and boiler information in an easy-to-read graphical format.

The Director SCS, combined with the SLATE control system provides an exceptional yet affordable Integrated Burner Management solution with a wide array of functionality. It offers programmable logic and configurable safety in a single, easy-to-use platform. With its functionality, flexibility, communication, ease of use, and ability to fully integrate your complete boiler room, the Director SCS provides the leading technology solution for a wide range of industries.

Key Features of the Power Flame Director SCS 

What makes the Power Flame Director SCS unique? It offers a full range of innovative features, including:

  • Lead-lag Capabilities — The Director SCS contains integral Lead-Lag capabilities that allow users to connect up to four burners. Whether you require an integral two burner Lead-Lag scheme, or a four burner Lead-Lag master panel, the flexibility of peer to peer communication is as easy as plugging in an ethernet cable.
  • User-Configurable Threshold Alarms — Users can set threshold alarms to warn of potential problems before they occur, preventing a complete shutdown of the boiler. These configurable alarms include Feed Water Rate of Change, Flue Gas Temperature, Flame Signal, High and Low O2 Levels, and High and Low PV. 
  • Optional User-Configurable and Scalable Analog Inputs — Optional analog input cards allow the Director SCS to display a range of process values, including gas flow, steam flow, oil flow, feed water flow, economizer parameters, and TDS.
  • Interface to BMS & MPS — Ability to interface with higher level Building Management Systems through BACnet, Modbus, and TCP/IP.
  • Internet and Intranet Monitoring — Accessible interface worldwide through Internet Explorer.
  • IP Addressing — You can set the IP address of your Director SCS manually or automatically to allow access to the system through a networked DSL router.

Real-Time & Historical Trend Screens

The Power Flame Director SCS offers easy access to current and past trending information screens including:

  • Boiler set point, actual pressure and percentage of output
  • Combustion efficiency (O2 trim required)
  • On-screen history of faults and alarms
  • Total system run time
  • Boiler pressure and load
  • Burner output
  • Flame signal strength
  • Optional water level set point, actual level and percentage of output of feed water valve
  • Optional flow rates of gas, steam, feed water and economizer temperatures
  • Flue and combustion air temperatures (O2 trim required)
  • Flue gas oxygen content (O2 trim required)
  • Night and weekend setbacks
  • Multi-level password security protocol

Contact ATI of New York for the Power Flame Director SCS

The Power Flame Director SCS is a powerful and versatile modern marvel. It offers the ability to streamline and simplify the management of your boiler system — regardless of where you are. Contact Applied Technologies of New York today to learn more about the Director SCS.

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