A Complete Guide to PDGB: Action Blower & Equipment

A Complete Guide to PDGB: Action Blower & Equipment

PDGB: Action Blower & Equipment

The Action Blower & Equipment Positive Displacement Gas Boost (PDGB) system is a holistic turnkey solution for applications where the available gas pressure fails to meet the requirements or demands. These cutting-edge gas boost systems are enhanced by a range of  innovative technological and green features designed to efficiently meet your needs. 

Action Blower & Equipment (ABE) is an industry leading manufacturer of a blower packages and other combustion-related equipment. All of their products are trusted and regularly employed throughout the commercial HVAC sector to satisfy a vast range of applications. While ABE offers custom-engineered products to meet unique situations, the Positive Displacement Gas Boost system is one of their most popular turnkey solutions. 

Being authorized manufacturer's representatives for Action Blower & Equipment, the experts at Applied Technologies of New York act as a "bridge" between the manufacturer and you. We'll listen to your needs and guide you to the best solution. Let's take a closer look at the Action Blower & Equipment Positive Displacement Gas Boost system to learn more about some of the key features and benefits. 

Overview of the Positive Displacement Gas Boost System 

The PDGB system is a complete, turnkey booster that is exceptionally efficient — thanks to Greenbooster technology. It uses a positive displacement, gas-tight blower as well as NEMA Premium Efficient Electric motor. 

ABE's PDGB system employs an explosion-proof pressure indicator to determine the delivery of gas pressure. When the system senses the pressure, the variable frequency drive automatically alters the motor speed to ensure the appropriate amount of gas is being delivered. It also features both temperature/pressure gauges, safety switch for shut off, and manual valves for bypass that work together to improve safety.  

The NEMA control panel is designed to offer simple management of the blower. The PDGB system will quickly connect to the majority of electrical sources. These features make it exceptionally easy to install. And once the PDGB system is up and running, it requires minimal maintenance. 

Save Money with PDGB's Greenbooster Technology 

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) suggests electric motors account for virtually 40% of all of the electricity consumed in the United States, especially in commercial and industrial sectors. 

The PDGB system utilizes ABE's cutting-edge Greenbooster technology, which is highlighted by the NEMA Premium Efficient electric motor and a positive displacement, gas-tight blower. NEMA Premium Efficient motors are highly energy-efficient and designed to reduce electrical power consumption, minimize costs, improve system reliability and optimize the overall efficiency of the motor. 

NEMA Premium products are estimated to save up to 5,800 gigawatts of electricity. This converts into the prevention of almost 80 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere over the next decade — equivalent to keeping 16 million vehicles off the road. 

Key Standard Features of the Action Blower & Equipment PDGB

The Positive Displacement Gas Boost system comes with a vast range of standard equipment and features. Some of the most notable features and equipment are listed below:

  • Positive displacement, gas-tight blower.
  • The motor is directly coupled to the blower and protected with a guard.
  • Standard PDGB systems used in an enclosed area feature a double envelope, gas-tight blower as well as NEMA 1 control panel.
  • Standard PDGB systems used in open areas feature a single envelope gas-tight blower and NEMA 3R control panel.
  • TEFC inverter-duty motor rated for Class 1 Div 2.
  • Explosion-proof high-temperature shutdown switch and pressure indicator to ensure safe operation.
  • Heavy-duty 150 pound flange inlet and discharge connections.
  • Temperature and pressure gauges.
  • Manual blower bypass valves.
  • You can choose a system with available pipes ranging from 1-1.5" up to 6".
  • Easy-to-use control panel with PID controller, fused disconnect switch, VFD, and operation controls.
  • The steel base is fitted with lift hooks.
  • The PDGB offers a range of different NEMA Premium Efficient motors for virtually any application — ranging from 1.5 horsepower up to 40 horsepower.

Best of all, the team ATI of New York can work closely with you and ABE to create a fully-customized gas boost system that meets your needs. 

Why Choose the Positive Displacement Gas Boost System? 

The PDGB is the ideal choice for a long list of applications where the output pressure needs to be increased without creating additional heat. A few of the key reasons facilities choose the PDGB system from ATI include:

  1. Holistic turnkey solution. The PDGB comes ready to go. Simply connect gas to the inlet and discharge. Then connect it to the electrical power input for power. 
  2. Simple to maintain. The PDGB makes maintenance super easy - thanks to an oil-lubricated blower. At the same time, motor lubrication isn't required. In most instances, boosters can be serviced in as little as 45 minutes. 
  3. Energy Efficient. The PDGB utilizes Greenbooster technology, which includes a blower that only runs as required to meet demands. 

Contact ATI of New York for the ABE PDGB System 

If you're looking for a reliable and affordable gas boost system, the experts of ATI of New York can help. Contact ATI of New York today to learn more about the PDGB or any other solution in the Action Blower & Equipment product line.

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