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Modular Boiler Plants and Pre-fabricated Mechanical Skids

Modular boiler plants and pre-fabricated mechanical skids

ATI is proud to announce our newest product offering in Modular Boiler Plants and pre-fabricated mechanical skids.

New York City is the most built-out city in the United States. Real estate is at a premium to say the least. Many of the buildings in the Metropolitan NY area were designed and built around the “city steam” concept. Buildings coupled to city steam were designed to operate on steam supplied by the local utility.

As the premium for city steam has increased, building owners have looked to become decentralized in an effort to control their cost for domestic heat and hot water. Up until now, their options were limited as there were no mechanical spaces available to facilitate a boiler room and erect a chimney.

The newest trend in boiler room design is modular boiler plants. These plants are prefabricated boiler rooms that are configured on a skid mounted platform, sometimes in a weatherproof enclosure, and placed on a roof top or in a space adjacent to the building.

For the past three years, ATI has been supplying this solution to the industry in many varied applications. We have successfully applied solutions for low pressure steam plants for hospital humidification plants, high pressure steam plants for manufacturing and sterilization, condensing boiler plants complete with hydronic distribution systems and combinations of all of them.

Modular package

Some of our clients include Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, Coney Island Hospital, Studio Museum Harlem, Citi Field, Columbia University Medical Center, NYU Langone Medical Center at Cobble Hill, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, NYPH Allen Hospital, Castella Imports, Michaels of Brooklyn, Seviroli Foods, Sciegen Pharmaceuticals, Ascent Pharmaceuticals, L & K Pharmaceuticals and many more.

If you are looking for a packaged mechanical solution design look no further than ATI as your one stop source from design through implementation. Let us show you how to obtain a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on steam boilers when combined in a skid mounted packaged system.

ATI wants to be your partner for success.

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