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ATI Now Offers Efficient Armstrong Pumps and Boosters

We still marvel at how aqueducts brought water to cities and towns throughout Ancient Rome, but fluid-flow systems have come a long way since then.

For more than 80 years, Armstrong Fluid Technology has been a global design, engineering, and manufacturing leader and innovator of intelligent fluid-flow equipment — and ATI is proud to offer its portfolio of pumps and booster systems.

Armstrong’s pumps are outfitted with Design Envelope technology, featuring advanced integration of demand-based control with variable-speed capability.

Design Envelope Permanent Magnet (DEPM) motors offer maximum energy efficiency benefits versus traditional variable speed induction motors at part load conditions.

Compared to conventional ECM circulators or pumps with loose drives and standard induction motors, Armstrong’s DEPM pumps provide up to 30 percent cost savings thanks to innovations including:

  • The ability to adjust both the design point and the set point based on the actual on-site conditions
  • A quadratic (rather than a linear) pressure control curve
  • A constant flow function for maintaining the desired flow rate in recirculation applications
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The available Armstrong line includes:

  • Design Envelope 6800 Vertical MultiStage Boosters
  • Design Envelope 6900 DualPAK Boosters
  • Design Envelope 4300 Pumps
  • Design Envelope 4322 Tango Pumps
  • Design Envelope 4372 Tango Pumps
  • Design Envelope 4312 Twin Pumps

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