Industrial Boiler Replacement? - Here's How You'll Know

Is It Time for an Industrial Boiler Replacement? Here’s How You’ll Know


Whether you use it for process power or comfort heat, your boiler is a vital piece of equipment, and it’s critical to know when it’s time for an industrial boiler replacement. Even so, it’s not wildly uncommon for facility managers or property owners to wait for a boiler to completely break down to replace the unit.

Unfortunately, total failures usually only happen when there is an impending need for steam or heat, such as on an exceptionally cold January day. These types of failures are almost always unexpected because the property manager or owner failed to notice a few tell-tale signs indicating it was time for industrial boiler replacement.

Fortunately, ATI of New York offers a full range of solutions including boiler system selection assistance, financing assistance, and more. We’re a full service manufacturer’s representative for the leading boiler producers in the world. We’ll listen to your needs and move your project from conception through to completion. Continue reading to identify signs that you may need an industrial boiler replacement.

The Age of the Unit May Mandate Boiler Replacement

Although most people know their boiler will not last forever, many people treat it as it should. On average, your industrial boiler should last you anywhere from 20 to 25 years without any trouble. If you’re around year 15, you may be able to retrofit your boiler to update it with newer technology.

However, if you’re already over the 25 year mark, retrofitting the boiler with new parts may not be the most equitable decision. In either case, the experts at ATI of New York will explain all of your options and help you make the most intelligent and financially sound decision.

Safety Is Always First

In many instances, safety problems will be uncovered during safety inspections. In addition to your normal yearly inspection, you should always pay close attention to:

  1. Irregular starting/stopping - If you notice your boiler is irregularly stopping and starting, it could be an indication your operating controls are not properly functioning and the safety controls have taken over as a precaution. All safety and operating devices as well as their settings should be inspected by a qualified technician.

  2. Unusually high stack temperatures - If your boiler has unusually high stack temperatures, it may indicate unsafe conditions and poor heat transfer. This may be caused by poor water management, poor combustion, or low water level.

  3. Poor combustion tuning/rumbling - Improper air flow and fuel flow can cause considerably noticeable pulsations and surges.

Loss of Performance Is a Sign of Industrial Boiler Replacement

One of the top signs you need industrial boiler replacement is if it has performance issues. One quick test is to compare the amount of fuel it uses to the amount of steam it actually produces over a period of time. If you notice the amount of fuel required to create a certain amount of steam has been increasing, it means the efficacy of your boiler has been declining.

Another notable performance metric is the operating pressure and temperature. If your boiler is unable to maintain the right temperature and pressure while operating, it’s very likely you would benefit from industrial boiler replacement. You can also compare the amount of steam produced per hour today to when it was originally installed. By examining these performance metrics, you can easily tell whether the boiler has suffered a substantial decline in performance.

Industrial Boiler Replacement vs Retrofitting

Even if your boiler shows no decline in condition or performance, operations managers should always consider whether they can benefit from a boiler replacement or retrofit. A boiler retrofit can offer the opportunity to bolster efficiency anywhere from 10% up to 12%; while a complete industrial boiler replacement may offer even greater percentages — based on the boiler.

In either case, a retrofit boiler or a complete boiler replacement can reduce your future expenses significantly. Considering the average boiler can consume up to four times its original value in energy costs per year, it’s easy to see how efficiency savings can quickly add up.

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