Whether you're looking for a boiler system for a brewery or steam boiler system for your pharmaceutical processing plant, there are many different phases of a project. At Applied Technologies of New York, we specialize in project management and ensuring each critical milestone is met along the way. 

We will work to oversee your project from conception through to completion — managing the various moving parts to ensure your needs are met: Some of the critical services we provide along the way include:

  • Partnering with the original designer to ensure the equipment offered at ATI of New York meets the design intent.
  • Communicating with the owners to ensure the intent of the original design will meet their needs as intended.
  • Coordinating with the various contractors to ensure the equipment is being installed properly in the field as well as in house.
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    At the end of the process, ATI of New York provides the factory authorized startup or commissioning and validates the warranty for the installation.

Simply put, we are your one-stop solution for state-of-the-art equipment and guidance throughout the process.

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