Igniting the Charge for Combined Heat & Power Systems

Igniting the Charge for Combined Heat & Power Systems

Combined Heat & Power Systems

The power grids of the tomorrow will not be comprised of a few extremely large power plants. Instead, the power grids of the future will be made up of several smaller power plants.Combined heat and power (CHP) systems or cogeneration plants are becoming increasingly popular across the world.

Combined heat and power plants boast unparalleled controllability, distributed nature, and predictable availability. In addition, a cogeneration plant allows you to make contributions to a clean and stable energy supply over the future. Continue reading for cogeneration or combined heat and power systems explained.

Combined Heat & Power Systems Explained

Cogeneration plants deliver the simultaneous generation of useful heat and mechanical energy in the most environmentally friendly and efficient manner. The energy created in the process is converted directly into electricity; while the heat produced can be used for generating steam, heating or cooling.

Instead of allowing the heat created from the production of energy to escape into the atmosphere, it's put to good practical use. This symbiotic relationship is what makes the technology driving combined heat and power systems so environmentally friendly and efficient. As a matter of fact, cogeneration plants are proven to save up to 40% in primary energy, while slashing CO2 emissions by as much as 60% when compared to traditional large plant power generation.

Combined Heat & Power Systems

Benefits of Using a Cogeneration System in Your Business

As technology continues to evolve, the number of reasons you should use a cogeneration system in your business or municipality continues to increase. Some of the most important reasons you should implement a combined heat and power system in your business are:

  • Save Energy. Save Money. Combined heat and power plants are engineered to use energy in the most efficient manner. This can lead to a noticeable reduction in energy consumption and costs.
  • Gain Independence. With a CHP plant in your business, you can become primarily independent of energy price fluctuations.
  • Proven & Reliable Technology. All 2G Energy CHP plants have been proven in practice through thousands of applications and feature the latest and most innovative technology.
  • Supply Reliability. When you rely on a cogeneration plant, you can rest assured you will have heat and electricity guaranteed on a regular and continual basis.
  • Climate Protection. Since the primary energy is used in a smart manner, CO2 emissions are significantly lower.
  • Biogas Versatility. Combined heat and power systems can use both fossil fuels and biogas as primary energy sources.

2G Energy Offers a Full Line of Combined Heat and Power Systems

As the first name in combined heat and power systems, 2G Energy offers an entire lineup of reliable and proven cogeneration systems:

  1. The g-box is a profitable and small power plant with the ability to produce an electrical output up to 50 kW. This cogeneration plant is perfect for hotels as well as a long list of other applications.
  2. The patruus is a more traditional power plant with the ability to produce a steady supply of heat and energy in the output range up to 64 kW. The patruus works excellently for hospitals and similar facilities.
  3. The aura is a clean and efficient combined heat and power system perfectly fitted for large urban centers. This system produces between 100 and 150 kW and is characterized by exceptionally low exhaust emissions.
  4. The agenitor cogeneration plant represents evolution in efficiency with the ability to produce 80 up to 450 kw of clean electricity and heat. The agenitor is the perfect solution for senior centers and similar facilities.  
  5. The avus combined heat and power plant is engineered for big tasks. This highly efficient cogeneration plant produces between 550 up to 2,000 kW, which makes it most suitable for commerce and industry.

Combine Your CHP with Innovation to Save Even More Energy

Whenever innovative energy concepts are applied, your combined heat and power system can do much more than deliver reliable heat and electricity. Let's take a look at a few of the cutting-edge solutions that can be achieved whenever innovative energy concepts are married with 2G Energy cogeneration plants.

  • If a heat accumulator is integrated, the production of heat can be isolated from the production of energy, which adds a new level of flexibility to your 2G power plant.
  • By integrating hot water, steam, and thermal oil applications, 2G combined heat and power plants can deliver customized solutions for various industries.
  • In some instances, it's not practical or possible to connect to a reliable electrical grid. However, 2G cogeneration plants are perfect for standalone operation and will provide the power you need in blackouts or emergencies.
  • After the natural process of fermentation, biogas will usually contain traces and residues of different substances like sulfur. You can process biogas by utilizing gas cooling systems and activated charcoal filters.
  • Combined heat and power plants have the ability to quickly regulate outputs, while major power plants can't. Through modern control technology, 2G power plants adapt to actual requirements and are continuously variable between 50 and 100% of the output range.

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