All About the Hurst Series 100 Boiler: Is It Right for Your Project?

All About the Hurst Series 100 Boiler: Is It Right for Your Project?

With the thickest boiler steel in the industry, the Hurst Series 100 Boiler is an innovative three-pass firebox packaged boiler with wetback firetube construction. This cutting-edge low pressure boiler is efficient and powerful enough to meet a wide array of application needs. Hurst Firebox boilers are most commonly used in the following industries:

Hurst Firebox boilers offer superior efficiency and are available with Low NOx configuration. The Hurst Series 100 boiler also boasts exceptional flexibility with the ability to operate on oil, gas, combination gas/oil, and heavy oil. Continue reading to learn more about the Hurst Series 100 Boiler.

Hurst Series 100 Boiler Design

The Hurst Series 100 Boiler features an innovative three-pass firebox design and wetback firetube construction, which alleviates stress on the boiler. Every unit is packaged from the factory with relief valves, operating controls, fuel train, and burner. A few of the key specifications of the Hurst Series 100 Boiler include:

  • 7.4 up to 650 HP
  • 248 up to 21,759 MBTU/HR
  • Steam up to 15 PSI
  • Hot water up to 100 PSI

In an effort to simplify installation and reduce costs, only the service connections are required to put your Hurst Series 100 Boiler in operation. Hurst FireBox Boilers feature high density 2" mineral wool insulation, which ensures a lower radiant heat loss. You can choose from two different trims: steam model and hot water model.

Hurst Series 100 Steam Model Trim

The Hurst Series 100 steam trim effectively delivers up to 15 PSI to meet a vast array of application and heating needs. The steam trim includes:

  • High limit pressure control with manual reset
  • Operating pressure control
  • Safety relief valve per ASME Code
  • Combination pump control and low water cut-off with gauge glass assembly and drain valve
  • Steam pressure gauge with syphon
  • Auxiliary low water cut-off with manual reset

Hurst Series 100 Hot Water Model Trim

The Hurst Series 100 hot water model trim delivers up to 100 PSI to accommodate a wide array of heating and application needs. The hot water model trim includes:

  • High limit temperature control with manual reset
  • Safety relief valve per ASME Code
  • Operating temperature control
  • Low water cut-off control with manual reset
  • Combination temperature & pressure gauge

Hurst Series 100 Burner System

Each three-pass Firebox packaged boiler includes matched UL listed "forced draft" power burners. The burners include versatile fuel configurations for No. 2 (diesel) oil, propane (LP) gas, natural gas, or a combination of both gas and oil.

If you are firing heavy oil, #2 oil, natural gas, or combinations, flexible burner systems are available. Although the burner system comes from the factory meeting the requirements of U.L., you can elect to have a burner system configured to meet the requirements of IRI, FM, Military, and several others.

Why Choose the Hurst Series 100 Boiler?

Since 1967, Hurst Boiler & Welding Company has been engineering, designing, and servicing an entire line of boilers. The Hurst Series 100 Boiler is an extension of their remarkable legacy and is designed to meet a variety of application needs.

When you choose this innovative three-pass firebox package boiler, you'll enjoy:

  • The efficiency of Hurst Firebox Boilers' 3-pass design
  • Simple maintenance and installation, which leads to lower costs
  • A competitively priced boiler engineered for efficiency
  • The flexibility to fire gas, oil, heavy oil, and combination oil/gas
  • A massive furnace volume designed to provide ultimate combustion efficiency
  • Steel skids, unified refractory base floor, and lifting eyes
  • A boiler that is factory painted, jacketed, and factory insulated with 2" mineral wool
  • Low heat release of 5 sq. ft./hp.
  • Ample waterside cleanout openings and easy access to fireside surfaces
  • A boiler with fully automatic operation and a wetback construction
  • U.L. listed controls, trim, and forced draft burners
  • A safe boiler that has been factory test fired
  • Rear and front flame observation ports

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Building upon more than 50 years of excellence, the Hurst Series 100 Boiler represents many of the latest and most modern advancements within the industry. This state-of-the-art three-pass firebox boiler package is bolstered by a wetback firetube construction, which works to alleviate boiler stress.

As an authorized manufacturer's representative for Hurst Firebox Boilers, our sales engineers have extensive training on Hurst equipment. Whether your facility needs the Hurst Series 100 Boiler or any other type of boiler equipment, we offer years of experience helping clients like you find the ideal boiler solution.

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