Greenbooster Action Blower 2013 Newsletter

Greenbooster: Action Blower 2013 Newsletter

The greenbooster from action blower & equipment is a turnkey gas boost system that includes all piping, valves, controls, and instrumentation to meet your gas boosting needs. The greenbooster utilizes a variable frequency drive along with a NEMA Premium Efficient inverter rated motor to ensure energy is not wasted in boosting the available gas pressure to meet the required demand. The greenbooster is available in a variety of configurations in order to provide the most effective and efficient solution for every application.

At the heart of the greenbooster is the action blower & equipment GT1400 hermetic gas booster which has the following features:

  • Hermetically sealed for use with air, natural gas, manufactured gas, and other non-corrosive air/ gas mixtures
  • UL listed gas booster
  • Non-sparking aluminum construction
  • Single-stage centrifugal design
  • TEFC motor suitable for VFD use, UL listed. Motor is not in contact with gas, therefore eliminating the need for an explosion proof motor
  • Motor is easily accessible for wiring and inspection
  • Motor is magnetically coupled to blower with a gas tight barrier in between
  • Virtually maintenance free design. No dynamic seals that will wear
  • Blower is entirely sealed hermetically with static seals
  • 3” ANSI 150 lb. flange inlet and discharge connections
  • Maximum pressure boost 12.6” WC
  • Maximum flow 50,000 CFH


  • Complete turnkey solution. Simply connect gas to inlet and discharge and connect electrical input power
  • Low maintenance - blower lubrication not required
  • Low energy consumption - blower only runs as required to meet demand
  • Motor is not exposed to gas.
  • Motor does not rely on gas flow for cooling so a heat exchanger is not required for low flow scenarios
  • Seals are all static so they will not wear over time
  • greenbooster is often eligible for efficiency incentives / rebates as well as LEEDS points
greenBooster action blower 2013

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