The Fulton VSRT - Gas Fired Industrial Boilers

The Fulton VSRT Sets the Standard for Gas Fired Industrial Boilers


Are you looking for a long-lasting, cutting-edge gas-fired industrial boiler? If so, the Fulton Vertical Spiral Rib Tubeless Steam Boiler (VSRT) may be the ideal solution for your facility. Read on to learn more about the Fulton VSRT and why it's arguably the best gas industrial boiler on the market.

Setting the Standard for Gas Fired Industrial Boilers

Back in 1947, Fulton engineered and pioneered the world's first vertical tubeless design. Quickly, this innovative gas fired industrial boiler became the widely accepted industry standard. Since then, no one has been able to improve upon Fulton's original design.

Now the new Fulton VSRT gas fired industrial boiler has raised the bar again. This new design represents the world's first refractory-free, fully-wetted vertical tubeless boiler — proudly setting the new standard. A few of key highlights of Fulton's VSRT gas fired industrial steam boilers include:

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    Smallest footprint in the industry for allows it to easily fit through standard doorways and simplify installation and retrofits.
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    Industry leading efficiencies of up to 86% with 6 to 1 turndown ratio and less than 20 ppm standard low NOx emissions.
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    A generous steam release area and tall steam space results in greater than 99% steam quality, which represents the highest steam quality available.
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    A fully wetted pressure vessel means every heat exchanger surface is water backed and poured refractory isn't included in the design. This results in exceptionally low jacket temperatures for enhanced efficiency and performance.

Gas Fired Industrial Boilers with PURE Technology

Unlike other gas fired industrial boilers on the market, the Fulton VSRT uses PURE Technology, which is the culmination of the manufacturer's innovative clean-slate design approach. Built on complete system optimization, PURE Technology radically challenges and pushes the envelope on everything considered to be status quo among gas fired industrial boilers.

Most importantly, PURE Technology allows Fulton's engineers to design and innovate with the purpose of delivering the best possible boiler solutions. For instance, PURE Technology has empowered engineers to remove previous trade-offs and roadblocks to create a boiler that delivers the highest possible efficiencies available.

These remarkable efficiencies are combined with the industry's smallest footprint. Fulton's VSRT gas fired industrial boilers are engineered to provide continuous and dependable clean steam to deliver an unparalleled peace of mind and cost savings for several years to come.

Common Applications for Gas Fired Industrial Boilers

The Fulton VSRT is a powerful, versatile, and efficient industrial boiler able to meet a wide array of needs. However, this gas fired industrial boiler is regularly used in the following industries:

What Makes the Fulton VSRT the Best Gas Fired Industrial Boiler?

The Fulton VSRT is arguably the best gas fired industrial boiler on the market. This industrial boiler comes packed with innovation in every square inch, such as the Media-Free Cyclonic Air Filter.

This state-of-the-art system effectively clears all combustion air of any types of potentially damaging particles. The Fulton VSRT is engineered to never clog over time and help owners save money by eliminating the need for filter replacement.

Gas Fired Industrial Boiler with a Reliable Pressure Vessel

The VSRT gas fired industrial boiler is enhanced by stress-relieving, self-compensating, patent-pending architecture. Heat transfer is optimized by fully immersing the heat exchange in water to create a boiler that lasts longer and exceeds the competition in virtually all durability categories.

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    Corrosion is virtually eliminated with vertical tubeless design
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    Refractory-free, fully wetted design
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    Virtually no thermal stresses
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    5-year pressure vessel warranty and 10-year with engineered system

Lowest Operating Costs for a Gas Fired Industrial Boiler

The VSRT boasts the lowest operating costs for a gas fired industrial boiler. Fulton's patent-pending spiral rib heat exchanger helps to achieve industry leading transfer rates. And the innovative spiral design offers an elongated transfer path for heat that's optimized to achieve the maximum heat transfer in a tight space.

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    Turndown of up to 6 to 1
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    Variable speed fan
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    Industry-leading thermal efficiencies
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    Standard 20 PPM NOx

Fulton VSRT Offers Ease of Ownership

Very few — if any — other gas fired industrial boilers offer more hassle-free ownership. Featuring easy-to-access maintenance points and high-grade controls to breakthrough cyclonic air filtration, the VSRT offers:

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    5-year burner warranty
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    Industrial control platform
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    Easy-access to the pressure vessel

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