The Supreme Guide to Gas Boost Systems: What You Need to Know

The Supreme Guide to Gas Boost Systems

Gas boost systems are typically used when the desired pressure cannot be achieved through the supply to the site or from the installation. These innovative systems can be a more efficient and cost effective way to meet the demands of your site.

Applied Technologies of New York offers several safe and effective gas boost systems to meet your facility's changing need. We represent the leading gas boost system manufacturers and will work closely with you to develop an intuitive and effective solution. Use the following simple guide to gas boost systems

How Do Natural Gas Boost Systems Work?

Gas boost systems include a purpose-built centrifugal fan powered by an electric motor. The fan draws in the gas to one central point and forces it out at an increased pressure. Variable speed or gearing drives are commonly used to mandate the amount of pressure. The total discharge pressure is the sum of the incoming supply pressure and the pressure amplified by the booster.

In general, there are two different types of gas pressure boost systems:

  1. Shaft seals are smaller, air-driven types of natural gas boost systems. Shaft seals are much more suitable for industrial applications.

  2. Hermetically sealed gas boost systems feature a fan and motor encased in an airtight steel enclosure. This design eliminates any possible leakage, which may be associated with a shaft seal.

Manufacturers of gas boost systems are continually adding cutting-edge features to increase efficiency and lower operating costs. Some of the features include:

  • Packaged Systems with Automatic Operation. This feature limits short cycling or unnecessary booster run time, which reduces overall energy consumption as well as extends the service life of the equipment.
  • Higher Turndown Capabilities for All Natural Gas Booster Sizes. This feature results in a longer motor life and more efficient motor operation.
  • Certain natural gas booster systems include protective epoxy coatings for digester gas applications in wastewater treatment plans and/or landfills.

Common Applications of Gas Boost Systems

Natural gas is a cost-effective, clean-burning, and reliable fuel. Even so, a lot of equipment and tools used in industrial and commercial applications require a higher pressure than the standard natural gas service provides. Natural gas boost systems effectively increase the levels of pressure, which reduces the need for gas cylinders.

In older areas, gas pressures may be less than the industrial sized equipment or modern commercial equipment may require. In already existing buildings, equipment additions from upgrades and remodeling may exceed the existing pipe capacity. With new construction, there may be a significant benefit to reducing pipe header size for the higher floors of a building.

Gas pressure boosters have found to be useful where different appliances require varying levels of gas pressures. Using a natural gas boost system to feed two or one higher-pressure appliances can be much more economical than bolstering the main regulator pressure and adding two new regulators at each low pressure appliance.

At ATI of New York, the majority of our natural gas boost systems are designed to increase the inlet gas pressure from 3" to 8" w.c. Natural gas boost systems are successfully used in industrial equipment manufacturing, glass blowing, metal fabrication, and in several other applications. These systems can deliver optimum pressure for:

  • Metal cutting
  • Flame coating
  • Brazing and welding torches
  • Soldering equipment
  • Soraying applications

Other applications of high-pressure boosters can be used for cutting torche. Another application where natural gas boosters have proven to be beneficial is with distributed generation. In this capacity, natural gas boos systems can be used for product testing and development, reciprocating engines, fuel cells, and combustion turbines.

Standard Benefits of Gas Boost System

Gas boost systems are the optimum choice for a wide range of applications where you need to increase output pressure without creating extra heat. They can be used to transfer high pressure gases, increasing gas pressure, and more.

At ATI of New York, our gas boost systems are customizable to meet the needs of your facility. Regardless of your needs, one of our experienced sales engineers will work closely with you to develop the most comprehensive and effective solution. Natural gas boosters provide a long list of potential benefits, including:

  • Minimal maintenance. In most instances, booster service can be as low as 45 minutes.
  • Cost savings. Natural gas is significantly cheaper on a Btu equivalent basis than propane and acetylene.
  • More earth friendly. In comparison to other fuel gases, natural gas has a lower source emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Just-in-time inventory. Instead of storing cylinders, natural gas is used as it is delivered.
  • Bolstered productivity. Employee time will never be swindled on changing cylinders.
  • Unlimited fuel supply. An abundance of fuel is available.

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