Fulton VSRT Series: Is This the Future of Steam Boilers?

Fulton VSRT Series: Is This the Future of Steam Boilers?

Originally, the vertical tubeless boiler was founded in 1949 by Lewis Palm, which resulted in the beginning of Fulton Boiler Works. Since then, Fulton has continued to transform the industry. Today, Fulton Boilers brings an entirely new innovation to the market with PURE Technology.

PURE Technology represents the ground-breaking engineering philosophy behind a new generation of high efficiency, low NOX boilers - including the new Vertical Spiral Rib Tubeless (VSRT) Series Boiler. Continue reading to learn more about Fulton's PURE Technology as well as the VSRT Series Boiler.

What is PURE Technology?

Simply put, PURE Technology is the philosophy of design used by Fulton for the engineering of their newest line of condensing and steam boilers. It's synonymous for a clean slate design approach. Based on comprehensive system optimization, PURE Technology raises the bar on the status quo and empowers Fulton's engineers to create the most efficient and most productive boiler solutions.

This innovation is made possible by removing previous long-standing design tradeoffs and roadblocks. PURE Technology encompasses:

Vertical Spiral Rib Tubeless Boiler

Through the use of PURE Technology and by adopting a systems engineering approach, Fulton's Vertical Spiral Rib Tubeless (VSRT) boiler challenges the mechanical design and heat transfer principles of traditional vertical steam boilers.

Currently, there are more than 15 worldwide patents pending, and the boiler's new vertical spiral-rib tubeless design is the world's first refractory-free, fully wetted vertical tubeless boiler. It has empowered Fulton to create a solid boiler with the smallest footprint in the industry. The VSRT is the new standard for industrial steam boiler design.

  • Superior efficiencies
  • Compact footprints
  • Reduced thermal stresses
  • Enhanced water management
  • Novel heat exchangers
  • High turndown ratios
  • Inherent low emissions.

Using a combination of finite element analysis with computational fluid dynamics and in-house modelling, the PURE Optimized architecture of the VSRT makes it exceptionally reliable in operation and durability. It features a patented, self-compressing architecture that virtually removes longitudinal stress and deflection absorption.

The SRT includes the mesh burner and furnace design as a single component, which results in ultra-low NOx emissions. It features a fully-modulating burner and up to a 6:1 turndown. In addition, the VSRT boasts an impressive 84.5% thermal efficiency, which leads to industry-leading performance. It also has 99.5% steam quality from a water-backed design with no refractory.

Vertical Spiral Rib Tubeless Boiler Key Features

As the world first, the VSRT embodies the newest and most cutting-edge standard in vertical steam boiler technology. A few of the key highlights of the new boiler include:

  • 84.5% efficiency while delivering an impressive 99.5% steam quality.
  • The industry's smallest footprint with an ultra-compact vertical design.
  • A fully-modulated burner with up to a 6:1 turndown
  • Completely water-backed design with no refractory
  • Self-compensating, patent-pending stress relief architecture
  • Reliable operation with a 5 year pressure vessel warranty

In addition, the 30 HP VSRT will fit through a standard doorway. This facet means retrofitting or new installation has never been easier.

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