All About the Fulton Classic: A Premium Vertical Tubeless Boiler

All About the Fulton Classic: A Premium Vertical Tubeless Boiler

Fulton Classic

The Fulton Classic™ is the manufacturer's original vertical tubeless boiler available for hot water and steam applications. Highlighted by a trouble-free, compact, and simple design, Classic boiler sales have topped more than 100,000 throughout the world. The Fulton Classic boiler is used in virtually every type of industry including:

The Classic features impressive efficiencies up to 80% gas and/or oil capabilities. This equipment is bolstered with Low Emissions burner (gas only). All of these features are trimmed and packaged to meet your everyday and heavy-duty application needs.

Fulton Classic Vertical Tubeless Boiler Overview

Fulton's Classic vertical tubeless boilers are meticulously handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. All of the work is performed by Fulton's ASME certified welders who average more than 20 years of experience. The Fulton Classic vertical tubeless boiler is:

  • Available as a steam or hot water boiler
  • Offered in sizes ranging from 4-60 BHP
  • Gas or oil fired and combination fuel fired burners available
  • Low emissions burner are optional
  • Standard design pressure range of 150 psig
  • Custom design pressure range of up to 500 psig
  • Efficiency up to 80%

Key Features of the Fulton Classic

Boasting the original vertical tubeless down-fired design, Fulton prides themselves on delivering trouble-free boilers for more than 60 years. The Classic is capable of delivering hot water and steam to virtually any application in every imaginable industry.

Every Fulton Classic vertical tubeless boiler is completely trimmed and packaged. These boilers deliver impressive efficiencies of up to 80% and can be ordered with gas and/or oil capabilities. Some of the key features of the Fulton Classic vertical tubeless boiler include:

  • Vertical tubeless 2-pass design
  • Uniform heat distribution for maximum longevity
  • Top-mounted Fulton burner
  • Compact design and small footprint
  • UL Packaged Boiler
  • Manufactured/Certified to CSD-1, ASME, CSD-1 and several other codes
  • The pressure vessel is entirely hand welded
  • More than 100,000 boilers sold since 1949
  • Simple, reliable and forgiving

Robust Pressure Vessel

The Fulton Classic offers a cutting-edge design backed by industry-leading simplicity. For instance, the furnace or pressure vessel demonstrates remarkable simplicity by being a pipe within a pipe.

The top mounted burner delivers a spinning cyclonic flame down the center furnace chamber. This same flame is sent back up the exterior of the vessel. While this design is simple, it delivers exceptionally even heating bolstered by a forgiving and durable design.

The Fulton Classic Combustion Process

The Fulton Classic delivers unparalleled durability and reliability for a virtually endless list of applications. Regardless of your needs, the Fulton Classic's combustion process is the same.

  1. Air is pulled into the power burner where it delivers optimum combustion after being mixed with fuel.
  2. After the ignition assembly ignites the fuel/air mixture, the first pass is completed by sending a spinning cyclonic flame down the length of the chamber.
  3. The flame retainer rings increase occupancy time of the flue gas, which improves heat transfer.
  4. Flue gases are sent back from the base of the chamber and return over the heat convection fins surrounding the entire water jacket. This process constitutes the second pass and functions to transfer additional heat to the water in the vessel.
  5. All flue gases are collected at the top portion of the boiler and seamlessly expelled through the flue outlet.

Ancillary Equipment

Your Fulton Classic boiler is just one part of a well-designed steam system. Proper collection of condensate and delivery of feed water are both essential to the safe and effective operation of your system.

When you partner with Applied Technologies and Fulton Boilers, we will provide you with custom solutions to perform the tasks you need based on the requirements of your system or area. All auxiliary equipment is used to control the storage capacity, pressure, quality, and temperature of steam.

The overall quality of the water used in your steam boiler will affect the life of the equipment. ATI of New York offers water treatment equipment and Fulton steam boiler accessories designed to provide high-quality feed water that works to minimize deposition and corrosion in the boiler. We will work with you to match equipment to virtually any application you may need.

Contact ATI of New York for Custom Engineered Systems

As your needs for heat transfer systems grow, ATI of New York is here to guide you through the process. As authorized manufacturer's representatives for Fulton Boilers, we offer decades of experience in helping business owners design and build high efficiency systems.

Simply put, we are the one-stop, full-service firm that will guide you from conception through to completion.

Contact ATI of New York today to learn more about Fulton's products.

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