Are Fulton Blow-Off Tanks the Best Way to Blow Off Steam?

Are Fulton Blow-Off Tanks the Best Way to Blow Off Steam?

Fulton Blow-Off Tanks

Fulton blow-off tanks are commonly called blowdown tanks. A blow-off tank receives intermittent, bottom boiler blowdown water and safely cool it to the proper temperature for disposal.

As the preferred manufacturer’s representative for Fulton Boilers, ATI of New York offers the full lineup of Fulton blow-off tanks. Our experienced sales team will carefully listen to your needs and guide you to the best solution. Continue reading to learn more about Fulton’s blow-off tanks.

Fulton Blow-Off Tanks

Fulton’s blow-off tanks are used as alternative ways to cooling the blowdown water prior to it being properly disposed. These large tanks store the water volume from a single blow after the flash steam has been ventilated into the atmosphere.

Once in the tank, the water will cool down through the process of natural convection. After the water reaches a certain temperature (140 degrees F), it’s forced out of the bottom of the drain by being displaced by the next blowdown.

Fulton Blow-Off Tank Sizes

As the authorized manufacturer’s representative for Fulton, we offer the full lineup of Fulton blow-off tanks. The standard sizes include:

  1. Model F1560 with a capacity of 86 gallons or 326 liters.

  2. Model F7015 with a capacity of 156 gallons or 591 liters.

  3. Model F2003 with a capacity of 244 gallons or 924 liters.

  4. Model F3505 with a capacity of 328 gallons or 1242 liters.

  5. Model F6007 with a capacity of 511 gallons or 1934 liters.

  6. Model F8001 with a capacity of 662 gallons or 2506 liters.

If you have requirements outside of the standard product line, simply let us know your requirements, and we’ll work to design a unit for your consideration. Make sure to provide us with:

  • Pressure rating of the boiler
  • Unit size
  • Boiler size

Fulton Blow-Off Tank Standard and Optional Equipment

Fulton’s blow-off tanks come with the standard equipment necessary to protect your capital investment, including:

  • Vertical Carbon Steel Tank Orientation
  • ASME Section VIII, 100 psig vessel
  • Access Hand Holes/Manway for easy maintenance and inspection
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    150 lb. Flanged Inlet and Vent Connections
  • arrow-right
    Lifting Eyes
  • arrow-right
    Sight Glass and Temperature Gauge
  • arrow-right
    Tangential Inlet with Strike Plate Facilitates Phase Separation
Fulton Blow-Off Tanks

In addition to a generous selection of standard equipment, you can further customize your Fulton blow-off tank with the following optional equipment.

  • Auto Cooling Kit
  • Heat Recovery Tank Heater
  • Custom Pressures
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    Additional Openings

Ensure Your Facility Remains in Compliance with Fulton Blow-off Tanks

Blow-off tanks are a critical piece of equipment that provides a safe means of controlling boiler blow-off water. This includes the reduction in temperature and pressure to acceptable limits for safe discharge into a drain system, sewer, or other area. It’s important to understand that discharge of high temperature water from a boiler can create unnecessary hazards to people, the environment, and damage drains or sewers.

The EPA mandates discharge water be no hotter than 140°F before it can be safely discharged into a sewer system. However, local ordinances may require temperatures that are lower. The experts at ATI of New York can work with you to provide a Fulton blow-off tank to ensure you’re in compliance with national and local ordinances.

Protecting Your Boiler Investment with Fulton Blow-Off Tank

Over time, boiler water can cause deposits and scaling to form. Once this happens, it can result in the reduction of the efficiency of your boiler, which can lead to increased cost. Because of this phenomenon, boilers will intermittently need to have a certain percentage of the water flushed.  Blow-off tanks are designed to meet this need and to safely dispose of dirty, hot boiler blowdown water.

Contact ATI of New York for Fulton Blow-Off Tanks

Protecting your boiler investment and protecting your facility from potential fines starts with the Fulton blow-off tank. These essential pieces of equipment are designed to safely dispose of hot, dirty boiler water in an efficient and environmentally responsible way.

The experts at ATI of New York offer decades of experience helping facilities like yours find the best boilers and combustion related equipment. We specialize in providing flexible and innovative solutions across a range of industries, including:

As the authorized manufacturer’s representative for Fulton, we offer their full lineup of world-class equipment, including:

  • Steam Boilers
  • Hot Water & Hydronic Boilers
  • Electric Steam and Hot Water Boilers
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    Engineered Systems
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    Controls & Ancillary Equipment

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