Learn More About The Re-Verber-Ray DR-60/All Detroit Radiant Products.

Learn More About The Detroit Radiant Products DR-60

As today's most popular gas-fired, infrared heater, the Re-Verber-Ray DR-60 is a versatile unvented heater ideal for high ceilings, areas of high air filtration, and spot heating. The Re-Verber-Ray DR-60 can be used for partial, complete, and spot heating of sports facilities, commercial facilities, hospitality applications, and much more. Continue reading to learn more about the Re-Verber-Ray DR-60 as well as other Detroit Radiant products.

The Re-Verber-Ray DR-60

The Re-Verber-Ray DR-60 operates on natural or propane gas. It can deliver an impressive 60,000 BTU/H. Similar to most Detroit Radiant Products, the DR-60 is engineered with an exclusive design, innovative features, and a proven history of performance.

Features and Benefits of Detroit Radiant Products DR-60

When you purchase a Re-Verber-Ray DR-60, you purchase the longstanding legacy of durability, flexibility, and functionality that has become synonymous with Detroit Radiant products. Designed exclusively for commercial use, this high intensity heater includes:

  • Maximum infrared radiation delivered by the exclusive ceramic burner.
  • Increased efficiency and heat temperature from the stainless steel rods.
  • Rugged non-corrosive components and materials in the construction of the heater.
  • Highly polished aluminum reflector design.
  • A compact modular heater design ensures lower installation costs.
  • Pilot ignition or direct spark.
  • Three different heater control systems from manual to solid state ignition.
  • Protection in high moisture environments provided by potted circuitry.
  • CSA Design Certified, UL-Listed, CE Certified
  • 5-Year Limited Ceramic Burner Warranty

Why Choose Detroit Radiant Product DR-60?

The Re-Verber-Ray DR-60 is designed to heat the floor zone — not the ceiling. With the ability to target specific areas for heating, this innovative product can increase efficiency and much more. Some of the inherent benefits of the DR-60 include:

  • The ability to efficiently direct radiant heat to the intended areas for increased comfort over a wider range of space.
  • The increased surface area and temperature of the DR-60 provides maximum heat transfer while achieving lower gas input ratings
  • The DR-60 requires little to no maintenance
  • By eliminating drafts and fan noise, this heater reduces operating costs.
  • The DR-60 is designed to accommodate a vast range of electrical inputs

Typical Applications of the Re-Verber-Ray DR-60

High intensity heaters work with high temperatures at the ceramic surface to effectively emit rays of heat to the areas you decide should be hated. The Re-Verber-Ray DR-60 high intensity heater can be used for spot, complete, and partial heating of:

  • Unheated Buildings
  • Sporting Facilities
  • Construction Projects
  • Ship Yards
  • Service Drives
  • Marinas
  • Loading Docks
  • Emergency Heat
  • Car Washes
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • And more

Contact Applied Technologies of New York Today

Unlike other conventional heating solutions, the Re-Verber-Ray DR-60 is designed to heat the floor zone — not the ceiling. Each DR-60 comes loaded with technology and is back by the strong brand of Detroit Radiant products.

As the authorized manufacturer's representative for Detroit Radiant & Re-Verber-Ray, Applied Technologies of New York offers the Re-Verber-Ray DR-60 as well as other models in the series. If you're unsure whether heaters in this series would meet your needs, we can help. Contact ATI of New York today for a consultation.

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