Are You Considering the Columbia Keystone Boiler? Read This First

Are You Considering the Columbia Keystone Boiler? Read This First

The Columbia Keystone Boiler is a medium to large capacity, Scotch marine, 3-pass, dry back, packaged boiler. It is uniquely designed to meet a long list of application and/or heating needs. Some of the most common industries that use the Columbia Keystone Series Boiler include:

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Columbia Keystone Boiler Specifications Overview

This innovative Columbia Boiler is available in an expansive list of models to meet a vast array of needs.

Model #Input MBHOutput MBHOutput #/Hr

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Columbia Keystone Series Boiler Features

From the factory, the Columbia Keystone Boiler includes a bevy of standard features. This assortment of equipment simplifies monitoring and servicing while ensuring several decades of reliable hot water and steam. Each Columbia Keystone Boiler comes well stocked with equipment and features, such as:

  • Six openings for faster and easier maintenance
  • Capable standard pressures: 30 PSI water, 15 PSI steam, 150 PSI Steam
  • Back Pyrex observation port
  • Ability to fire LP gas, natural gas, #2 oil, and dual fuel
  • Three-pass ASME Code
  • Hinged rear cover (K-100 / K-150)

Three-Pass Boiler Design

The Columbia Keystone Boiler is designed with exemplary versatility and includes an innovative three-pass design, which is one of the most fuel efficient and effective designs on the market today. This highly effective design allows this boiler package to deliver top-of-class fuel efficiencies.

Many owners and operators utilize the three-pass design as a hedging measure against rising fuel costs. It achieves outstanding fuel efficiency by diffusing flue gases in the boiler a total of three times. Simply put, the more time flue gases remain in the boiler, the better your overall efficiency will be.

Optional Columbia Keystone Boiler Equipment

Although the Keystone Series Boiler includes a generous number of standard features, there are a number of optional features that empower owners and operators to further customize the equipment to meet their specific needs. Some of the most common optional equipment includes:

  • Special control requirements
  • Higher pressures on request
  • Front hinges
  • Indicating lights
  • Rear cover featuring fast opening wedge pins
  • Stack thermometer
  • Oversized supply and return connections
  • Single electric location
  • FM and IRI Insured
  • Hinged rear cover (K-25/80)
  • Non-standard voltage and hertz requirements available upon request

Contact ATI of New York

Established in 1936, Columbia is a family-owned business with a remarkable reputation for manufacturing and engineering long lasting, dependable boilers. Applied Technologies of New York is proud to be an authorized representative for Columbia Boilers.

As an authorized representative, our sales engineers have the training and expertise to help you choose the optimum boiler for your needs. Whether you're considering the Columbia Keystone Series Boiler or need help choosing any other type of boiler room or combustion related equipment, our expert sales engineers can help. We pride ourselves in being the one-stop-shop for all of your boiler needs.

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