Columbia Boiler MPH Series Guide: Features, Benefits & Applications

Columbia Boiler MPH Series Guide: Features, Benefits & Applications

The Columbia Boiler MPH Series is one of the most popular boilers in the United States. The multi-pass horizontal boiler (MPH) is a modified Scotch, three-pass design with several benefits and efficiencies over competitive models.

This state-of-the-art low pressure steam boiler is offered in an array of models to meet a range of needs. You can choose:

ModelHorsepower (HP)Gross Output (BTU/Hr)Gross Steam Output (Lbs/Hr)
MPH - 55172,200173

Regardless of the model you choose, the following information explains some of the most common features, benefits, and attributes of the Columbia Boiler MPH Series.

Columbia Boiler MPH Features

This low pressure steam boiler is narrow in width, which makes it easy to maneuver through doorways and install in existing construction. With cost efficiency in mind, the Columbia Boiler MPH Series is competitively priced and exceptionally fuel efficient. In addition, this boiler is easily serviced, which translates into lower maintenance and ownership costs. Some of the most notable features of the Columbia Boiler MPH include:

  • 32.5" compact width on boilers (5-80) allows installation through narrow passageways
  • 83%+ efficiency on standard trims and up to 90% with the high efficiency boiler package
  • Natural gas, methane, #2 oil, biogas, propane, or dual fuel firing
  • Inverted skid base for easy forklift handling with low profile
  • Modulating burner standard on MPH 150, on/off burner on MPH 5-20
  • Three-pass, firetube construction with wet base design
  • Bottom hand holes for simple and thorough cleanout
  • Convenient lifting holes for rigging into tougher spots
  • Easy access for tube inspection with top hand hole
  • Cleanout door on flue box
  • Choose a trim for 30 PSI water or 15 PSI steam
  • Low/High/Low standard burner operation on MPH 30-125
  • Individual tappings for steam controls
  • Forced draft firing, which requires no special vents
  • Overflow tapping for steam unit
  • Extra durable welded tubes made from schedule 40 pipes
  • Easily replaceable 13 gauge rolled tubes
  • Optional hot water coils ranging from 780 G.P.H. up to 2460 G.P.H.

The Columbia Boiler MPH Series comes knocked down or fully packaged based on your individual specifications. All boilers are constructed in accordance with the requirements explained in Section IV of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. When you choose the "Factory Package and Test Fire" option, the boiler arrives ready to install; fully assembled, wired, piped, and tested.

The Columbia Boiler MPH Three-Pass Design

As a multi-pass horizontal boiler, the Columbia MPH Series offers an efficient three-pass design ideal for managing today's increasing fuel costs. This three-pass design is the most fuel efficient and effective boiler design available on the market today.

This enhanced fuel efficiency can be attributed by the fact the flue gases are circulated through the boiler three times. As a direct result of this modern engineering, the Columbia Boiler MPH Series achieves an impressive 83%+ fuel efficiencies. However, you can get up to 90% efficiency with the available economizer package.

Why Choose a Columbia Boiler MPH Series?

The Columbia Boiler MPH Series is an extremely popular option for distilleries, breweries, and several other applications that depend on maintaining a consistent temperature. Some of the most common industries utilizing the Columbia Boiler MPH Series include:

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