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Weil-McLain Evergreen Pro Gas Boiler

Weil-McLain Evergreen Pro Gas Boiler: Easy to Use, Flexible and Durable

Designed to extend comfort levels to all areas of your property or facility, the Weil-McLain Evergreen Pro Gas Boiler is the ideal solution for a variety of commercial applications. This innovative heating solution works perfectly as a single boiler or in conjunction with other boilers. It’s flexible enough to meet the demands of:Large residential propertiesSchools […]

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Weil-McLain SlimFit vs Weil McLain 94 Boiler

If you’re in the market for a new boiler, you’re most likely choosing between an ultra-efficient condensing boiler like the Weil-McLain SlimFit vs a non-condensing boiler like the Weil-McLain 94. And if this explains your choices, we’ve compiled an easy-to-read guide comparing and contrasting the non-condensing vs condensing boilers as well as the two Weil-McLain […]

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Weil McLain SVF

The Weil-McLain SVF Is Performance Perfected

The Weil-McLain SVF (Stainless Vertical Firetube) is a state-of-the-art boiler engineered to deliver reliable performance. As Weil-Mclain’s most advanced commercial stainless steel boiler, the SVF boiler boasts industry-leading thermal efficiency between 96.2% up to 97.1%. Enhanced by extra-durable materials and corrosion-resistant components, the Weil McLain SVF offers an added level of protection against wear and […]

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Blazing the Industry with the Weil-Mclain EGH

The Weil-McLain EGH Series is a cutting-edge commercial gas boiler with the ability to meet a vast range of application needs. This series of commercial gas boilers provide quality steam and offers a tankless heater option.Engineered with decades of the Weil-McLain ingenuity, boilers in the EGH series are easy to install and service. With impressive […]

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Weil-McLain 80 Series

Learn More About The Weil-McLain 80 Series Commercial Gas/Oil Boiler

The Weil-McLain 80 Series commercial gas/oil boiler is a modern innovation with many of the state-of-the-art options installers have requested over the years. Featuring a durable heat exchanger forged from cast iron, the Weil-McLain 80 Series offers an expansive heating spectrum ranging from 346 up to 1674 MBH. This cutting-edge boiler is designed to provide […]

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lgb commercial boiler

What You Need to Know About the Weil-McLain LGB Commercial Boiler

Enjoy the legendary Weil-McLain design bolstered by versatile combustion control systems with the Weil-McLain LGB Commercial Gas Boiler. As the highest efficiency cast iron atmospheric gas boiler available, the LGB Commercial Gas Boiler is a fully-capable solution for a diverse spectrum of applications, including:Apartment buildings and large residential facilitiesCommercial buildingsMultiple boiler installationsUniversities, schools, and other […]

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1 Weil-McLain Boiler

The Weil-McLain SlimFit Commercial Condensing Boiler is The Right Fit

The Weil-McLain SlimFit commercial condensing boiler is the fastest, easiest heating solution for limited access commercial and institutional retrofits. The SlimFit condensing boiler is available in two different model groups: 550-750 MBH condensing boiler 1,000 – 2,000 MBH condensing boiler Regardless of the unit best suited for your application needs, Weil-McLain SlimFit commercial condensing boilers […]

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