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Endura-XE-condensing fire tub hydronic boiler

A Closer Look at the Endura XE Condensing Firetube Hydronic Boiler

Hundreds of thousands of installations around the world rely on Fulton’s legendary rugged, robust and reliable boilers. Like all Fulton products, the ENDURA XE is built to last and delivers leading-edge efficiencies and utility savings.Reduce Fuel Costs & EmissionsThe ultra-high efficiency heat exchanger and fuel-saving burner reduce fossil fuel use by 15% and NOx emissions […]

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Fulton VSRT

Why the Fulton VSRT Product Line Is the Gold Standard

In 1949, Fulton boilers engineered and delivered the world’s first vertical tubeless design, which quickly raised the status quo for industrial steam boilers. For nearly 60 years, no other manufacturer has been able to enhance Fulton’s original design. Today, Fulton has raised the bar with the Fulton Vertical Spiral Rib Tubeless (VSRT) boiler. Thanks to a […]

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Fulton VSRT 250 - 250 HP Vertical Spiral Rib Tubeless Steam Boiler

How the Fulton VSRT 250 Redefines Powerful Excellence

The Fulton VSRT 250 (250 HP) is a revolutionary vertical spiral rib tubeless steam boiler designed to accommodate a vast range of requirements. Fulton invented the vertical tubeless boiler design back in 1949 and has continued to push the envelope to redefine the status quo for industrial steam boilers. Since its inception, no other manufacturer […]

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Fulton Blow-Off Tanks

Are Fulton Blow-Off Tanks the Best Way to Blow Off Steam?

Fulton blow-off tanks are commonly called blowdown tanks. A blow-off tank receives intermittent, bottom boiler blowdown water and safely cool it to the proper temperature for disposal. As the preferred manufacturer’s representative for Fulton Boilers, ATI of New York offers the full lineup of Fulton blow-off tanks. Our experienced sales team will carefully listen to your […]

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Fulton Blowdown Separators

What Are Fulton Blowdown Separators?

Fulton’s blowdown separators are designed to safely separate steam vapor from the blow-off water of your boiler. This critical piece of equipment transports water from your boiler during blowdown and safely reduces it to the proper atmospheric pressure for disposal. As a leader in boiler equipment and technology, Fulton’s blowdown separators are engineered with the same […]

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Fulton Feedwater/Condensate Return Systems

A Complete Guide to Fulton Feedwater/Condensate Return Systems

Fulton’s feedwater/condensate return systems are designed to facilitate the safe and efficient storage and pumping of condensate as well as make-up water back to your boiler. These critical systems help increase the safety, reliability, and the useful life of your system.  By offering a comprehensive solution for storing make-up water and return condensate, Fulton’s feedwater and […]

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Fulton Electric Steam and Hot Water Boilers

A Guide to Fulton Electric Steam and Hot Water Boilers

Fulton manufactures an entire lineup of high-quality, reliable steam boilers, hot water boilers, and electric boilers with capacities ranging from 12 to 1,000 kW (1.2 to 100 BHP) up to 300 PSI for heating and process applications.Fulton’s vertically-designed, fully-packaged steam boilers are engineered and constructed to ASME specifications as well as any applicable standards and […]

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Fulton's Pulse HW Boiler

Unboxing the Super Efficiency of Fulton’s Pulse HW Boiler

The Pulse HW is a fully condensing hydronic boiler that can remarkably transfer more heat per square inch than conventional processes. The innovative combustion method coupled with the condensing design provides exceptional dollar savings by delivering ultra-high thermal efficiencies. A few of the most impressive attributes of the Pulse HW boiler include: High Water Volume […]

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The Fulton VSRT Sets the Standard for Gas Fired Industrial Boilers

Are you looking for a long-lasting, cutting-edge gas-fired industrial boiler? If so, the Fulton Vertical Spiral Rib Tubeless Steam Boiler (VSRT) may be the ideal solution for your facility. Read on to learn more about the Fulton VSRT and why it’s arguably the best gas industrial boiler on the market.Setting the Standard for Gas Fired […]

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