Case Study: Mikkeller Brewery, Citi Field, Queens, NY - ATI of NY

Case Study: Mikkeller Brewery, Citi Field, Queens, NY

Case Study - Mikkeller Brewery

This project was designed in-house in conjunction with ME Engineers of NY City.  The lead engineer was Senior Associate Joseph Franconi, P.E.

ATI was called upon to provide a process steam solution for Citi Field’s newest microbrewery located on the perimeter of the home of the New York Mets.

The primary challenge was the lack of space to house a complete process steam plant with 2N redundancy.  The client stressed the need for high efficiency, low emissions and high turndown to administer to the dynamic load.

ATI came up with the perfect solution with a Fulton VSRT factory skidded engineered system.  The skid included two VSRT 30 ASME Section IV boilers complete with an HT-60 boiler feed system, an F-30 blowdown separator, FB600-910S duplex water softener with auto regeneration and a chemical feed system.

Case Study - Mikkeller Brewery

The equipment package was fully skid mounted, pre-piped and wired.  It was provided with a single point electrical connection (fused disconnect), single point steam outlet, single point water inlet, and a single point drain.  Other notable features included factory piped high water protection piping back to the condensate return system, a completely factory piped steam header complete with appropriately sized and selected boiler take offs, dirt leg, and steam trap assembly. 

The system is on display and can be seen by patrons in the newly constructed brewery which incorporates a retail area for selling beer, food and other refreshments. 

The complete Fulton system was designed specifically to fit their layout and was successfully installed under the supervision of the Hunter Roberts Construction Group.